Best Potions in Hogwarts Legacy: Crafting guide

Hogwarts Legacy characters brewing potions

Potions in Hogwarts Legacy boost your defense, restore health, increase spell damage, and a lot more. To help you manage your resources well, here’s a list of the best Potions in Hogwarts Legacy and how to craft them.

Harry Potter fans on Xbox and PlayStation 4 have plenty of fun experiences to enjoy in Hogwarts Legacy as the game is finally out on previous-gen consoles. There’s a massive open world that can be explored as you soar through the sky on your broomstick.

Players can cast plenty of spells and concoct Potions to make things a bit easier when danger arrives in Hogwarts Legacy. If you’re wondering which potions are the best to use in the game and how to craft them, we’ve got you covered.

How to create Potions in Hogwarts Legacy

You can craft potions in Hogwarts Legacy by collecting ingredients and then brewing them at the Potion Station in the Room of Requirement.

If you have the right ingredients for the desired Potion, simply wait for it to brew and you’ll have successfully crafted a potion to help you out in the game. You can learn how to brew different recipes by attending the Potions Class.

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Hogwarts Legacy offers many different Potions to craft.

All Potions in Hogwarts Legacy & ingredients needed

There are seven different potions in Hogwarts Legacy that all have different effects on your gameplay after being consumed, such as improving your defense or making you invisible.

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Here are all of the potions along with their effects and the ingredients needed to craft them in Hogwarts Legacy:

  • Wiggenweld potion: Restores your health.
    • Ingredients: Horklump Juice (1) & Ditanny Leaves (1).
  • Thunderbrew potion: Creates a storm around the player which will stun and damage enemies who are nearby.
  • Maxima potion: Increases the player’s spell damage for a period of time.
    • Ingredients: Leech Juice (1) & Spider Fang (1).
  • Invisibility potion: Makes you invisible for a short duration.
    • Ingredients: Leaping Toadstool Caps (1), Knotgrass Sprig (1), & Troll Bogeys (1).
  • Felix Felicis potion: Increases your luck for a short duration.
    • Ingredients: Lacewing Flies (1) & Fluxweed Stem (1).
  • Edurus potion: Turns you into stone for increased defense.
    • Ingredients: Ashwinder Eggs (1) & Mongrel Fur (1).
  • Focus Potion: Reduces your spell cooldown.
    • Ingredients: Lacewing Flies (1), Fluxweed Stem (1), & Dugbog Tongue (1).
Professor Sharp is a great help when it comes to learning about Potions in Hogwarts Legacy.

Best Potions to craft & use in Hogwarts Legacy

Now that we have gone through all seven of Hogwarts Legacy’s Potions, we’ve decided to share what we believe are the best three that you should use throughout your time playing the game.

3. Wiggenweld

While it may seem obvious, making sure you are stacked up on Wiggenweld Potions is vital to success in Hogwarts Legacy, as it allows you to heal and prevent death.

2. Edurus

Edurus Potions will increase the player’s defense for a short time, which is extremely useful when battling against tougher enemies such as Trolls.

1. Maxima – Best Potion in Hogwarts Legacy

Lastly, the best Potion in Hogwarts Legacy is the Maxima Potion, which increases the player’s spell damage for a period of time. This stacks with other damage-increasing spells and talents that are in the game, allowing you to take down enemies extremely fast.

Well, there you have it, there’s every Potion in Hogwarts Legacy and the best ones to craft & use. For more Hogwarts Legacy guides, take a look at the ones below:

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