Who is Lucia in GTA 6? New protagonist explained

Souhardya Choudhury
Lucia as seen in GTA 6

Rockstar have released the first GTA 6 reveal trailer and Lucia has been introduced as the protagonist of the story. If you are wondering about her, here’s everything we know about Lucia in GTA 6 so far.

The GTA 6 devs released the first trailer of the game on December 4, 2023, and it was one of the most anticipated events of the year. Although the release was not exactly how Rockstar wished it to be, the trailer reached record-breaking numbers with 70 million views in the first 15 hours.

Lucia, the first-ever female protagonist in Grand Theft Auto’s history looks to have the lead role in the upcoming title. Although the devs have not released concrete details about the character’s story, there are several hints that we have picked up about Lucia.

Here’s everything we know about Lucia in GTA 6 from the first trailer.

Lucia in GTA 6
Lucia seems to be the main protagonist of GTA 6.

GTA 6: Lucia’s character explained from first trailer

The GTA 6 trailer begins with Lucia being interrogated about her crimes while she is in a prison uniform. We get a glimpse of her calm demeanor even when pressed by law as she casually replies “Bad luck I guess” when asked about the reason she ended up in prison.

She seems like the perfect example of a GTA protagonist as she is not afraid to commit crimes as seen in the trailer. As mentioned earlier, the devs have not confirmed anything related to her backstory, so you can just collect bits from the trailer and add them up to get an understanding of her character.

Rockstar do not mention the name of her partner in crime, as she is seen to be with a man during a police chase, and also in the official artwork of GTA 6. However, several leaks suggest that his name is Jason, and will reportedly be another lead playable protagonist in the game.

She is seen committing several crimes in the trailer like stealing loads of cash and evading the police with the male lead in a car.

Lucia is the first female lead in a GTA game, and she seems to have a Latin-American background. Since Vice City is based on Miami, this fits quite well. However, since GTA 6 is in modern-day Vice City, it is expected that the crime rate will be at an all-time high with people like Lucia running loose.

That was all that we could gather about Lucia from the GTA 6 reveal trailer while waiting for Rockstar to release more information about her background and character.

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