Disappointed GTA 6 devs respond to trailer leak: “This f**king sucks”

Souhardya Choudhury
GTA 6 Lucia

The GTA 6 reveal trailer was unexpectedly leaked before its premiere, leaving the devs disappointed as the much-anticipated occasion was spoilt.

Rockstar released the first-ever GTA 6 trailer after years of waiting on December 5, 2023, focusing on the new protagonist Lucia and Leonida, a Florida-inspired fictional state. However, things did not proceed as smoothly as the devs wanted as the trailer was leaked early.

Rockstar had to forcefully release the official trailer earlier than planned due to the leak, addressing the situation online and expressing their disappointment. They were forced to mediate the situation by releasing the video early, as they tweeted: “Our trailer has leaked so please watch the real thing on YouTube,” with the official video link.

Javier Altman, Senior Gameplay Animator at Rockstar tweeted about it too: “I was hoping to watch this for the first time tomorrow along with my fellow teammates and coworkers. I feel we deserved that moment,” said Altman. He added, “This f**king sucks,” showing just how disappointed the leak has left him.

The account that leaked the trailer was suspended on X (formerly Twitter) and the leak was deleted quickly after the official release. Rockstar’s QA Tester Dan Willey tweeted a simple “Sigh” as a response to the leak.

GTA 6 fans also were furious with the leaker as they felt that it was “pathetic” to promote Bitcoin by leaking the trailer. The leaked trailer reportedly had a Bitcoin logo on the video before it was taken down by Rockstar.

“I feel bad for the devs,” said one player. Some even said that Rockstar’s “lawyers” would be chasing down the culprit by now, as others bid “good riddance.”

Even though the trailer was unexpectedly leaked and potentially ruined one of the biggest moments in gaming history, the official one achieved a record-breaking 52 million views on YouTube in the first 10 hours since launch.

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