GTA 6 fans reveal “crazy” IRL Easter eggs in Trailer 1

Franco Diaz
GTA 6 alligator vice city

GTA 6 fans discovered that the trailer for the new game is loaded with real-life references. Check out below what each one is about and what the community said about it.

The wait is over, GTA fans can forget about the 10 years of anticipation and rush to YouTube to watch over and over again the long-awaited official trailer for GTA 6. Thanks to this short video, we were able to confirm many theories and leaks that gained strength in recent months.

Among them, the standout revelation is that, for the first time in the GTA franchise, the protagonist of the game will be a woman called Lucia. It’s also confirmed that GTA 6 will be physically set in Vice City. While there is no exact information yet, it seems that the game’s timeline will take place in the present.

In the trailer, we saw a multitude of chaotic and crazy events unfolding in Vice City. However, these events seemed familiar to more than a fan who, after a brief research, found that most (if not all) were references to real-life events.

User ‘Bradbrad7’ compiled all references that GTA 6 fans found in the trailer, and the community exploded with excitement over these “crazy” references from Florida.

A user was amazed by these “crazy” references and the up-to-date events that Rockstar presented in the trailer, “I’m glad Rockstar is up to date on shit like this.” One even commented that some references were surreal, “The 4th image from GTA looks more lifelike than the irl one.”

Many fans were “a bit disappointed” by the fact that Rockstar had to release the trailer ahead of schedule due to a leak. However, this didn’t prevent them from being amazed by the results, “I’m happy because how beautiful that trailer was. The graphics, the song, the setting… everything was breathtaking.”

In less than 24 hours, the GTA 6 trailer has already surpassed 65 million views and is quickly approaching the 97 million that the GTA 5 trailer had.

Finally, at the end of the trailer, Rockstar highlight that the game will be released in 2025, so fans will have to wait a bit longer. Still, it doesn’t seem to be a problem as they have been enchanted by this “amazing” trailer.

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