Grand Theft Auto 6’s codename and possible character leaked by actress

Nathan Warby
GTA character holding gun next to GTA 6 logo

GTA 6 is arguably the most-anticipated game in development, and Rockstar are taking great care to make sure that very few details slip through the net. However, an actress’s resume might have just revealed the project’s codename and a new character.

Ever since GTA 6 was officially confirmed to be in development, fans have been craving any slither of information about the sequel they can get their hands on.

Despite Rockstar’s best efforts, some alleged leaks have already begun to surface. There have been various rumors about possible story details and locations, while others have claimed that work on GTA 6 has even fully started yet.

In the latest possible leak, an actress’s resume may have revealed GTA 6’s internal codename at Rockstar, as well as a character that could feature somewhere in the game.

GTA character being arrested

Twitter page “GTA 6 NEWS & LEAKS” shared two screenshots on July 17 of actress Natonia Monet’s CV a day apart.

The first from July 15 listed voice-over work on a project called “Fireball Video Game” for Rockstar Games, suggesting that Fireball is what GTA 6 is being called internally among those working on the project.

Just one day later, the listing had been deleted. However, it’s unclear if this was because the developers asked Monet to remove it in an attempt to keep the name a secret.

Codenames are nothing new in video game development, as studios and publishers look to keep key details a secret from fans until they are ready to reveal them. These project titles are usually only known to those who have had a hand in the development.

This resume could also have revealed a character that will feature in GTA 6. In the column next to the codename, a character named “Tamara” is mentioned, presumably who Natonia Monet is playing the game.

Unfortunately, it’s too early to tell whether or not the name Fireball is a reference to a storyline or feature within Grand Theft Auto 6, or how major a role the character of Tamara will play.

With the game’s release date not expected for many years, it’s likely we won’t get our answers for quite some time.

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Image credits: Rockstar Games