GTA 6 fans predict “very dark and tragic” story

Franco Diaz
GTA 6's main character Lucia

While Rockstar haven’t shown any signs of unveiling a possible second trailer for GTA 6, many fans are already drawing their conclusions about the game’s story. Find out what the community had to say about the GTA 6 story.

The long-awaited first teaser for GTA 6 is long behind us, but in these months, the community has not stopped rewatching the video that broke a Guinness World Record by getting closer to reaching 200 million views.

GTA 6 fans have been fascinated by the first glimpse of Vice City, as well as with Lucia, the protagonist of the highly anticipated game. The community spotted many details that went unnoticed, such as the possible new transportation system or many classic and new cars.

However, there is a detail that cannot go unnoticed, and it is about the story that GTA 6 will tell. Rockstar has not revealed anything beyond the first trailer, but many fans have already shared their opinions in the post created by user ‘V1nce’ on Reddit.

Several players commented on their different perspectives regarding how the GTA 6 story will turn out, but none garnered more upvotes than the comment from ‘WhatAreYouSaying05’. The user detailed that beyond how “goofy and ridiculous” the world may appear in the trailer, it seems that the scenes between the main characters “have a serious tone.”

Another user went further and commented, “I expect it’s going to be very dark and tragic,” adding that it should be this way since “[GTA] V was all about the craziness of American culture,” and now it’s time to see the “consequences of that.”

On the other hand, some fans believe that Rockstar could draw inspiration from stories in other games, like the Red Dead Redemption franchise. About this, a fan commented that they would like to see “something darker like Red Dead, but it’s hard to think that won’t be scaled back at least a little for the sake of humor in GTA fashion.”

Arthur Morgan in RDR 2 and Lucia along with her partner in GTA 6
Some fans point out that Rockstar will draw inspiration from Red Dead Redemption 2’s story

Finally, some players think that Rockstar could bring back the vibes from previous installments. “It’s going to have more of an IV vibe in my opinion. I think we’ll be engrossed in the main characters, and it’ll be an emotional ride,” user ‘Rari-Gang’ commented.

It’s still a long way to know what Rockstar has prepared for Lucia’s grand story in GTA 6. However, fans waste no time and start creating their own versions, even crafting some tragic endings.

While awaiting the release of a new trailer, you can check when GTA 6 is set or if this new Rockstar game will be available on PC.

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