Wuthering Waves version 1.0: Release date, banners, events, more

Aakash Regmi
Jiyan in Wuthering Waves

Here’s what the first-ever update 1.0 of Wuthering Waves has in store, including its banners to all the events. 

Much like every other gacha game, Wuthering Waves will get its years-long journey rolling with the version 1.0 update, bringing its first slate of banners, events, and much more. 

Here’s everything about version 1.0 of Wuthering Waves.

Wuthering Waves version 1.0 release date & time

Wuthering Waves version 1.0 will start right at launch on May 22, 2024, at 7 PM PT | 10 PM ET | 3 AM BST (May 23)

Each version of Wuthering Waves will follow a six-week schedule, which means 1.0 will end on July 3, 2024. You can also pre-register for the game before the version goes live, and there are multiple rewards for registering.

Wuthering Waves version 1.0 banners

Version 1.0 of Wuthering Waves will feature Jiyan and Yinlin in the limited banner, both of which will be introduced in phases. Here is the full schedule for every phase of the 1.0 update: 

Phase 1 – May 23, 2024

  • 5-star character: Jiyan – Aero | Broadblade
  • 4-star characters:
    • Mortefi – Fusion | Pistols
    • Chixia – Fusion | Pistols
    • Danjin – Havoc | Sword
  • 5-star weapon: Verdant Summit (Broadblade)
Jiyan in Wuthering Waves
Jiyan is a main DPS in Wuthering Waves.

Phase 2 – June 13, 2024

  • 5-star character: Yinlin – Electro | Rectifier
  • 4-star characters:
    • Aalto – Aero | Pistols
    • Yuanwu – Electro | Gauntlets
    • Taoqi – Havoc | Broadblade
  • 5-star weapon: Stringmaster (Rectifier)

Past that, it’ll be the turn of Jinhsi and Changli in 1.1, as per the drip-marketing of Kuro Games. 1.0 will also kick off the standard Permanent banners, so here are the rate-ups: 

Character Permanent banner: 

  • Calcharo – Electro | Broadblade
  • Encore – Fusion | Rectifier
  • Jianxin – Aero | Gauntlets
  • Lingyang – Glacio | Gauntlets
  • Verina – Spectro | Rectifier

Weapon Permanent banner: 

  • Emerald of Genesis (Sword)
  • Abyss Surges (Gauntlets)
  • Static Mist (Pistols)
  • Cosmic Ripples (Rectifier)
  • Lustrous Razor (Broadblade)

The rate-ups for Character Permanent and Novice banners are the same.

Wuthering Waves version 1.0 story & setting

Wuthering Waves 1.0 will be a set-off for the entire narrative of Wuthering Waves. You’ll play as Rover, helping humanity rebuild following The Lament, a calamity that nearly wiped off the entirety of the game’s world. 

It’ll all start in Huanglong, one of the six cities in Solaris-3. Huanglong will feature everything you’d expect in a gacha world, cities, enemies, side quests, major weekly bosses, chests, puzzles, and much more.  

gliding character in wuthering waves
Huanglong has six major cities.

Outside of the campaign quest, a story quest for Jiyan, Yinlin, and Lingyang will also be available in the 1.0 update.

Wuthering Waves 1.0 endgame modes

Wuthering Waves will be released with two endgame modes: Tower of Adversity and Depths of Illusive Realm.

Tower of Adversity

Tower of Adversity is similar to Spiral Abyss in Genshin Impact. There are three zones: Stable, Experiment, and Hazard Zones. The earlier two are like floors 1-8, a one-and-done deal, with Experiment requiring you to form two teams and Stable requiring one. Hazard, meanwhile, will reset each cycle and will be harder than the other two. 

You’ll be rewarded with Yuanwu upon completing the Experiment Zone, as well as lots of Astrite. 

Depths of Illusive Realm

Depths of Illusive Realm is a Rouge-like mode in Wuthering Waves. You’ll progress through a series of difficult challenges and fights and gain buffs along the way to make it easier. You’ll be rewarded with Astrites and upgrade materials as you continue to play. 

Wuthering Waves version 1.0 events & rewards

Here are all the events and rewards for version 1.0 of Wuthering Waves:

  • Overdash Club — “Sushi is actively seeking new members for the prestigious Overdash Club. Apparently, possessing lightning-fast overdashing abilities can lead to lucrative rewards. If you’re interested, go have a friendly conversation with him to learn more.”
  • Alloy Smelt (Combat Event) — “Shilang has been conducting research on optimizing alloy properties. A unique Sonoro Sphere emerged recently, and Shilang discovered that the alloys he had forged possessed exceptional abilities in this domain.”
  • Second Coming of Solaris — “Maqi will commission item deliveries daily. You can accept commissions and deliver required items to get rewards.”
  • A 5-day login event that’ll reward Sanhua
  • x10 Lustrious and Radiant Tides from Special Broadcast Program
  • Upgrade Union Level to get a 5-star weapon of choice

That’s everything about version 1.0 of Wuthering Waves. For more on the game, as well as other similar titles, check out: 

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