Wuthering Waves event calendar: All current & upcoming events

Stephanie Zucarelli

Wuthering Waves event calendar has plenty of events where you can complete challenges, redeem rewards, and even receive some extra Resonators for your team. While they generally last up to two weeks, you’ll need to be on the lookout to know how to participate.

These events are one of the best ways to farm for essential resources and make your characters stronger in Wuthering Waves. We have compiled a list of all the current and ongoing events in WuWa so that you can be on track with the challenges.

When is the next Wuthering Waves event?

The next event to arrive in Wuthering Waves is “Dreams Ablaze in Darkness,” and there has been no confirmation from the devs about its start date as of writing. However, the currently ongoing event is Chord Cleansing which will continue until June 27, 2024.

This event will be the last event you can take part in before version 1.0 ends.

Wuthering Waves event calendar

EventStart DateEnd DateVersion
Echo Summon Web EventApril 29, 2024June 6, 20241.0
Daybreak at LastMay 23, 2024June 13, 20241.0
Ascendant AcesMay 23, 2024June 26, 20241.0
Overdash ClubMay 30, 2024June 17, 20241.0
Intensive TrainingJune 6, 2024June 13, 20241.0
“Intensive Training” LT EXP Material Double DropJune 6, 2024June 13, 20241.0
Alloy SmeltJune 6, 2024June 27, 20241.0
Second Coming of SolarisJune 13, 2024June 27, 20241.0
Wuthering ExplorationJune 13, 2024June 27, 20241.0
Chord CleansingJune 20, 2024June 27, 202441.0
Dreams Ablaze in DarknessTBDTBD1.1
Tales from Mt. FirmamentTBDTBD1.1
Traces of Mt. FirmamentTBDTBD1.1
Gifts of Celestial LightTBDTBD1.1
Lollo CampaignTBDTBD1.1
Tactical SimulacraTBDTBD1.1
Aftersound AbundanceTBDTBD1.1

These were the events that have been a part of the game till now and will be in the near future update, so make sure that you log into the game every day so you remain up to date with the various challenges.

All Wuthering Waves permanent events

Gifts of Thawing FrostLustrous Tides, Radiant Tides, Free character (Sanhua)
Awakening JourneyLustrous Tides, Astrites, Crystal Solvent, Rank 5 Weapon, Supply Chest: Winter Blume
Rumbling HollowsShell Credit, Premium Energy Cores, Premium Resonance Potions, Free character (Yuanwu)
Depths of Illusive RealmAstrite, Premium Tuners, Phantom Echo: Impermanence Heron
Voyage’s BeginningAstrites, Lustruous Tides, Resonators
Echo HuntersAstrites

Wuthering Waves‘ permanent events are challenges and rewards that will be available forever, so you need not to be in a hurry to complete them.

Remember that Wuthering Waves will announce more events as part of the 1.1 update, so be sure to check this space to know about the schedule.

However, if you are new to the Wuthering Waves experience, make sure that you know how to redeem your free compensation rewards from 1.0 version, and where to find all Viewpoint locations in Huanglong.

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