Wuthering Exploration event: Wuthering Waves tasks & rewards

Stephanie Zucarelli
Wuthering Exploration event

The Wuthering Exploration event is in full swing, so players need to hurry up and complete their daily Survey Tasks. Here’s everything about the Wuthering Waves: Wuthering Exploration event, including its rewards and when it will end.

Wuthering Waves invited all players to participate in a limited-time event called Wuthering Exploration, where they’ll simply need to complete daily tasks to earn rewards. These tasks can range from something as simple as defeating enemies to upgrading a Resonator, so you’ll have to be prepared before facing them.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Wuthering Waves: Wuthering Exploration event.

Wuthering Exploration event end date

The Wuthering Exploration event in Wuthering Waves will end on June 27, 2024.

This is likely the last event of Wuthering Waves version 1.0, as the next update will be released on June 27, 2024.

How to play Wuthering Exploration event

You can start playing the Wuthering Exploration event in Wuthering Waves after reaching Union Level 14. Once you get to that level, the invitation to play will appear on your Event Page.

To participate in Wuthering Exploration, you’ll need to complete two random tasks around Central Plains that will reset every day at the server reset time. After completing these Survey Tasks, you’ll get 20 Survey Points. You’ll need to get a total of 140 points to unlock every reward in this event.

All tasks in Wuthering Waves Exploration event so far

Here’s a list of every Survey Task discovered so far in Wuthering Waves for the Exploration event:

  • Defeat five Enemies
  • Upgrade any Resonator one time
  • Consume any Potion one time
  • Obtain one piece of Raw Meat
  • Consume any Dish one time
  • Upgrade any Weapon one time
  • Upgrade any Echo one time
  • Defeat one Overlord Class
  • Use Synthesizer one time
  • Absorb one Echo
  • Collect three echoes

As they are revealed daily, make sure to circle back and check to see if Kuro Games add new tasks to the game.

Wuthering Exploration event rewards

Here’s every reward you can earn in the Wuthering Waves: Wuthering Exploration event:

  • x800 Astrite
  • x1 Malleable Elite Class Echo I
  • x1 Malleable Elite Class Echo II
  • x30 Premium Sealed Tube
  • x100 Premium Tuner

If you want to know more about Kuro Games’ gacha experience, you can check out what Forte Circuits are and where to find all World Bosses in Huanglong.

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