Wuthering Waves: Release date, characters, gameplay, platforms, more

Aakash Regmi
Wuthering Wave splash art with all the launch characters

Wuthering Waves is an upcoming open-world RPG developed by Kuro Games. If you’re wondering about the finer details of the game, from gameplay to story, here’s all you need to know.

Even though there isn’t any shortage of gacha games with Zenless Zone Zero due in July 2024, there hasn’t really been a major open-world entry that could join the ranks of Genshin Impact. With Tower of Fantasy failing to light any charts or gather acclaim, all eyes are on Wuthering Waves.

From a colorful cast to a massive open world, Wuthering Waves touches everything HoYoverse’s Genshin Impact has to offer, so here is everything you need to know about the title.

Wuthering Waves release date & time

Wuthering Waves will be released on May 22, 2024, at 7 PM PT / 10 PM ET / 3 AM BST (May 23).

To get ready, players can already preload the game on mobile (Android and iOS) and PC. To do so in all platforms, you need to start the game so you can download all the required files.

Wuthering Waves platforms

Wuthering Waves will be available on PC (via Epic Games), and mobile (iOS and Android) when it launches on May 22, 2024. 

The developers have confirmed on multiple occasions that there will be a version available for PlayStation, but the exact date is still unknown.

There haven’t been any official announcements or hints for a Nintendo Switch or Xbox release. Sony may likely have struck an exclusive deal for PlayStation similar to HoYoverse titles like Genshin Impact. So, it may never arrive on Xbox.

It does not rule out the possibility of a Switch port, though, but these are all just speculations, so nothing on the Xbox and Nintendo releases is confirmed until the developers share details themselves.

Wuthering Waves system requirements

Characters in Wuthering Waves
PC requirements for Wuthering Waves aren’t demanding.

Here are all the system requirements for Wuthering Waves, on all platforms.

Wuthering Waves PC requirements

OS VersionWindows 10 64-bit or Windows 11 64-bitWindows 10 64-bit or Windows 11 64-bit
CPUintel i5 (9th Gen) / Ryzen 2700intel i7 (9th Gen) / Ryzen 3700
Memory16GB16GB and above
GPUGTX 1060 / RX 570GTX 2060 / RX 5700XT and above
Storage30GB30GB and above

Wuthering Waves mobile requirements

  • For Android
    • Minimum specs:
      • System: Verison 7.0 and above
      • Processor: Snapdragon 835, MediaTek G71/72 or equivalent 
      • Storage: 12 GB and above.
    • Recommended specs:
      • System: Verison 7.0 and above
      • Processor: Snapdragon Gen1+/Gen2/Gen3 processor or equivalent 
      • Storage: 12 GB and above.
  • For iOS
    • Minimum specs:
      • iPhone: Model 11 and above
      • System: iOS 14 and above
      • Storage: 12 GB
    • Recommended specs:
      • iPhone: Model 13 and above
      • System: iOS 15 and above
      • Storage: 12 GB

Is Wuthering Waves free-to-play?

Yes, Wuthering Waves is a free-to-play game and will be free on all platforms when it launches.

Wuthering Waves story & setting

Set in a post-apocalyptic open world, Wuthering Waves takes place right after humanity witnessed a big calamity called The Lament, nearly wiping out the entire human civilization and bringing monsters along.

An electro monster about about to touch a character in Wuthering Waves
The main character in Wuthering Waves can be male or female.

From all that remains, humanity wants to forge life back, and as always, you will be the center of all this renewed peace. Your mission is to help humanity rebuild, silence all the monsters that the calamity wrecked onto the world, and whatnot.

You’ll be teaming with Resonators in Wuthering Waves, similar to Vision bearers in Genshin Impact, to bring the fight to those deadly monsters.

Besides all the perils and mysteries in the world, little is known about the main character, Rover, who is battling amnesia. So outside of saving the world, you’ll also be figuring out more about the protagonist.

These are just a set-off to your journey in Wuthering Waves, how it develops over the years is what will be more exciting.

Wuthering Waves gameplay & combat

Wuthering Waves features all the run-of-the-mill gameplay and activities you’d expect from a gacha game, from banners to all the progression systems.

If you’ve played Genshin Impact before, you’ll pick off most of it as almost all mechanics are the same, just worded differently and with certain twists here and there.

It is a three-party game, and there are six elements, namely, Aero (Air), Electro (Lightning), Fusion (Fire), Glacio (Ice), Havoc (Dark), and Spectro (Light), with a reaction-like system in place.

In terms of actual combat, it is a lot flashier and Devil May Cry-esque, featuring all that you’d hope in sword-based combat: dodges, jumps, and more. Outside of these, there is also a parry system in the game, and once you use it enough, the enemy will be stunned, allowing you to go all ham.

Because Wuthering Waves is focused heavily on combat, there will be two endgame modes: Tower of Adversity and Depths of Illusive Realm. Tower of Adversity is similar to Spiral Abyss, where there are multiple stages with different enemies. Depths of Illusive Realm, meanwhile, is a rouge-like mode.

Exploration is another big part of the game. You can scale all the towering structures, but the stamina system will toss you off the top if you’re mindlessly climbing. Notable and less-seen-elsewhere additions are running on the walls to quickly climb smaller structures, double jumps, and grappling hooks.

You don’t have to worry about climbing down, though, as there is a glider. 

Character gliding in Wuthering Waves
Gliding will also consume stamina in Wuthering Waves.

All Wuthering Waves characters at launch

There will be a total of 17 characters in Wuthering Waves at launch, with eight 5-star and nine 4-star units. The 5-star also included the main character, Rover. Here’s a list of all the characters with their elements and weapons: 

5-star characters

  • Calcharo – Electro | Broadblade
  • Encore – Fusion | Rectifier
  • Jianxin – Aero | Gauntlets
  • Jiyan – Aero | Broadblade
  • Lingyang – Glacio | Gauntlets
  • Rover – Spectro | Sword
  • Verina – Spectro | Rectifier
  • Yinlin – Electro | Rectifier
Jiyan in Wuthering Waves
Jiyan and Yinlin are the limited-banner units, rest are from standard banners.

4-star characters

  • Aalto – Aero | Pistols
  • Baizhi – Glacio | Rectifier
  • Chixia – Fusion | Pistol
  • Danjin – Havoc | Sword
  • Mortefi – Fusion | Pistols
  • Sanhua – Glacio | Sword
  • Taoqi – Havoc | Boardblade
  • Yangyang – Aero | Sword
  • Yuanwu – Electro | Gauntlets

Wuthering Waves trailers

If you want to see all that we’ve mentioned in action, here are some of the trailers for Wuthering Waves:

Wuthering Waves Global Launch Trailer

Wuthering Waves gameplay trailer

Wuthering Waves Official Release Trailer

That’s everything you need to know about Wuthering Waves. For more content on the title, you can check the banner schedule, how the gacha system works, or if it supports crossplay and cross-progression.

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