All free Wuthering Waves characters & how to get them

Aakash Regmi
Yangyang, Chixia, and Yanwu satdning and posing in Wuthering Waves

Here are all the free characters in Wuthering Waves that won’t require you to cough out your Astrites, including details on how to exactly get them.    

While most characters in a gacha game, including Wuthering Waves, can only ever be unlocked through the banner system, they do hand out freebies from time to time. Especially at the start, as you’ll need at least a few to form a party and get the game rolling. 

So, here are the characters you can obtain for free in Wuthering Waves. 

Yangyang in Wuthering Waves
Yanyang will be the first character to join your team for free.

How to get free characters in Wuthering Waves

Here is a list of all the characters that’ll be free in Wuthering Waves and how to get them:

Rover5-starSpectro (all)SwordRover is the main character, and they will be available right from the start
Baizhi4-starGlacioRectifierYou’ll get her in the tutorial for the game’s gacha, after you’ve done your first Convene
Chixia4-starFusionPistolsChixia will be available during the prologue after you reach the first town
Sanhua4-starGlacioSwordShanhua is a daily login reward for your fifth consecutive login.
Yangyang4-starAeroSwordShe is the first character to join your team, so she’ll join during the prologue
Yuanwu4-starElectro GauntletYou can get Yunawu in the Rumbling Hollows event, after you clear the Tower of Adversity: Experiment Zone

Rover is the main character, and they’ll wield all elements as the game progresses, starting with Spectro. Tower of Adversity, that you need to take part in to get Yuanwu, is Wuthering Waves’ endgame mode similar to Spiral Abyss from Genshin Impact.

Keep in mind that the methods to obtain free characters are based on recent closed beta tests. While we expect it to be the same on release, it may very well change. Regardless, we’ll keep you posted, so you can check back for details on all the latest free characters.  

That’s everything about all the free characters in Wuthering Waves, as well as how you can get them. For more on the game and other similar titles, check out: 

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