Best Wuthering Waves characters: Tier list for version 1.0

Aakrit Sharma
Wuthering Waves characters near a magical tree

To spend your valuable Astrite and ascension materials wisely, check out this Wuthering Waves tier list revealing the best characters as of version 1.0.

Learning about the most powerful characters in gacha games like Honkai Star Rail, Wuthering Waves, and Genshin Impact is as important as it gets. This is because the resources to unlock as well as upgrade your characters are hard to obtain, and unless you’re spending money, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to get all the units or upgrade them fully.

To help you make the right decisions, here’s a Wuthering Waves tier list revealing the best characters in the game.

Wuthering Waves tier list

In the table below, you’ll find all Wuthering Waves characters placed in tiers, ranging from S to C. The characters in the S tier are the strongest while the ones in the C tier are the weakest:

TierWuthering Waves character
SJiyan, Calcharo, Verina
AEncore, Danjin, Mortefi, Jianxin
BRover, Lingyang, Sanhua, Yuanwu, Yangyang, Aalto, Baizhi
CChixia, Taoqi

Best Wuthering Waves characters

Jiyan, Encore, Verina, and Calcharo in Wuthering Waves
You unlock new characters in Wuthering Waves through a gacha system.


Jiyan is an Aero DPS in Wuthering Waves with a straightforward playstyle. Even though he’s bound to be overpowered by future characters, you won’t regret unlocking him, as the endgame requires three teams and with the right build, he should be able to carry at least one of your teams to victory.

Jiyan is a pure DPS unit that excels in single-target as well as AoE. His Ultimate is the most devastating skill on his kit but you’ll also be using his basic attacks to stack up on damage.


Calcharo is another DPS in Wuthering Waves who can carry your team with massive Electro DMG. The gameplay revolves around hitting clean combos, and once you get the hang of it, he’s unstoppable on the battlefield.

Calcharo’s damage doesn’t stop when you swap him out, but more than that, you’d want to learn the swap-cancelling tactic that requires you to swap other characters for split seconds and switch back to Calcharo. This way, you can cancel out a bunch of animations and get bonus damage.

Calcharo’s playstyle is complex, but putting in the time to understand it is surely worth the effort. Even after a few updates, it is unlikely that Calcharo will fall in the rankings.


Support characters are essential for survival in the Wuthering Waves early game, and as of version 1.0, no one comes close to Verina in this category. She not only heals your team members but also buffs their damage output.

On top of this, Verina is not your typical healer that requires high HP or Energy. Instead, you have to build her around ATK, meaning that she can also dish out considerable damage to bosses. Playing this character is easy as well, as you just need to trigger all her buffs and then swap her with the damage dealers to finish the bosses.

While building Verina, make sure to upgrade her Resonance Liberation and Forte Circuit skills. They impact her healing capabilities directly and, with a proper build, you might end up having an invincible team.


Encore, like Calcharo, has a rather complex playstyle, but you’ll benefit a lot by understanding it properly. Because she can deal most of her damage off-field and then use the long Resonance Liberation skill, Encore can easily fit in all meta teams in Wuthering Waves.

Encore’s Fusion DMG is commendable too, and you can trigger it quite frequently through the intro and outro skills. The only thing you must keep in mind is that her off-field damage should be utilized when an enemy is staggered.

Building Encore is simple, as, like any other DPS, your focus should be on collecting ATK and Crit stats.

Now that you know about the most powerful characters in Wuthering Waves, it is time to build a powerful team and take on the several world bosses as well as the weekly bosses that grant amazing loot when defeated.

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