Wuthering Waves 1.0 compensation: Free rewards, expiration date, more

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Kuro Games confirmed major compensation to all players who have been dealing with bugs in Wuthering Waves version 1.0. Here’s everything you’ll be able to receive for free in Wuthering Waves, including Shell Credits, Astrite, and more.

Wuthering Waves 1.0 offers a huge expansive experience that promises to bring tons of new content in each update. However, Kuro Games admitted that some in-game systems haven’t been working correctly, and decided to issue compensation for all players while they work on solving most problems.

Here’s every compensation reward in Wuthering Waves, including its distribution time, eligibility, expiration date, and how to redeem it.

Wuthering Waves developed Echo recycling compensation rewards

  • Rewards: Shell Credit ×1,000,000
  • Distribution time: By 23:59 on June 10, 2024 (UTC+8)
  • Eligibility: Character created and mailbox function unlocked before 10:00 on May 30, 2024 (UTC+8).
  • Expiration Date: Valid until 05:59 on July 3, 2024 (UTC+8)

Kuro Games found that the Echo recycling system in Wuthering Waves 1.0 wasn’t giving the right amount of Shell Credits after a developed Echo was recycled, which heavily impacted the game’s balance. Here’s what the devs described:

“As part of the measures to minimize the event’s impact on the fairness within the player community, we informed the players of the situation and announced that we would remove all additional Shell Credits obtained unexpectedly as a result of this bug within 14 business days and issue compensations accordingly.

However, due to the urgency of this issue, we failed to issue an announcement of this issue in the first instance, which regrettably caused negative experiences for our players. We sincerely apologize for our improper way of handling this situation and the inconvenience caused.”

Wuthering Waves Echo system compensation rewards

  • Rewards: Crystal Solvents ×20 (1 Crystal Solvent = 60 Waveplates).
  • Distribution time: 10:00 on June 3, 2024 (UTC+8)
  • Eligibility: Mail function unlocked.
  • Expiration Date: Valid until 05:59 on June 28, 2024 (UTC+8)

Since there have been multiple issues regarding the Echo System in Wuthering Waves, Kuro Games chose to compensate players as an apology.

Wuthering Waves in-game main menu
You can redeem all compensation rewards through your in-game Mail.

Wuthering Waves localization issues compensation rewards

  • Rewards: Forging Tides ×5
  • Distribution time: 10:00 on June 3, 2024 (UTC+8)
  • Eligibility: Mail function unlocked.
  • Expiration Date: Valid until 05:59 on June 28, 2024 (UTC+8)

Kuro Games also thanked players for highlighting localization and translation issues in Wuthering Waves Version 1.0, especially for those who discovered that the description of the 5-Star Weapon “Verdant Summit” was mistranslated in some languages.

“Upon discovering this issue, we promptly corrected the description and issued compensations to all Rovers. We have also initiated a comprehensive internal review of the localized versions of the in-game texts across all the languages that we support.

Any corrections or improvements made during the process will be included in the upcoming updates. We sincerely apologize for this mistake and want to reassure you that we’re committed to continuously improving the quality of our localization to better the experience for all Rovers,” they’ve said.

Wuthering Waves Version Timeline update compensation rewards

  • Rewards: Radiant Tide ×10
  • Distribution time: 10:00 on June 3, 2024 (UTC+8)
  • Eligibility: Mail function unlocked.
  • Expiration Date: Valid until 05:59 on June 28, 2024 (UTC+8)

The dev team confirmed that they’d change their event schedule after players complained about the lack of content in Wuthering Waves 1.0, and promised to release a new Companion Story “Solitary Path” for Resonator Yinlin, the Featured Resonator Convene event “When Thunder Pours” for Yinlin, the limited-time challenge event “Alloy Smelt,” and more on June 6, 2024.

Kuro Games also announced that Version 1.0 will last until June 28, 2024, and apologized for the sudden change in their schedule.

How to redeem compensation rewards in Wuthering Waves

You can redeem all your Wuthering Waves rewards by following these steps:

  1. Open Wuthering Waves.
  2. Enter the server.
  3. Open your Main Menu.
  4. In the bottom right corner, you’ll see your E-mail icon.
  5. After opening your in-game Mail, open any notification.
  6. Redeem its reward by pushing the “Claim” button.
You check your Mail by looking for an envelope icon in your in-game menu.

And that’s everything about Wuthering Waves 1.0 compensation rewards. For more about Kuro Games’ gacha experience, check how to beat all World Bosses or read all about the Weapons you can get while exploring Huanglong.

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