Jinhsi kit and materials in Wuthering Waves

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Jinhsi in Wuthering Waves

Wuthering Waves has two new characters in version 1.1 and one of them is Jinhsi. She’s a powerful Magistrate of Jinzhou who’s committed to guiding her people.

If you are interested in pulling for her in 1.1, here’s everything you need to know about Jinhsi.

Jinhsi kit

Jinhsi is a Spectro character that uses a Broadblade, known as a 5-star weapon, Ages of Harvest to deal Spectro DMG, and her full kit is as follows:

  • Basic Attack – Slash of Breaking Dawn
    • Basic Attack: Jinhsi deals up to 4 consecutive strikes, dealing Spectro DMG.
    • Heavy Attack: She performs a charged attack by consuming Stamina, dealing with Spectro DMG.
    • Mid-Air Attack: Performs a Plunging Attack while in mid-air by consuming Stamina, dealing with Spectro DMG.
    • Dodge Counter: Uses Basic Attack after a successful Dodge to counterattack, dealing Spectro DMG.
  • Resonance Liberation – Purge of Light
    • Unleash the power of a heart’s wish to deal with Spectro DMG.
  • Resonance Skill – Trailing Lights of Eons
    • Dash forward and perform consecutive strikes that inflict Spectro DMG.
    • Overflowing Radiance
      • After Jinhsi uses Basic Attack 4 or, while not in Incarnation, Intro Skill Loong’s Halo, an alternative Resonance Skill Overflowing Radiance becomes available within 5s.
      • Resonance Skill Overflowing Radiance inflicts Spectro DMG and sends Jinhsi into Incarnation.
  • Forte Circuit – Luminal Synthesis
    • Incarnation
      • Alternative Basic Attack becomes available. Jinhsi performs up to 4 consecutive strikes, dealing Spectro DMG. The basic attack cycle of this will not be reset. Can be cast in mid-air.
      • Alternative Resonance Skill becomes available. She deals Spectro DMG. Can be cast in mid-air.
      • Alternative Heavy Attack becomes available. She attacks the target in mid-air at the cost of Stamina, dealing Spectro DMG.
      • Alternative Dodge becomes available while airborne. Can be cast multiple times at the cost of Stamina.
      • Alternative Dodge Counter becomes available. Jinhsi deals Spectro Damage.
    • Resonance Skill: Illuminous Epiphany
      • After Stage 4 of Incarnation: Basic Attack, Incarnation terminates and Jinhsi gains Ordination Glow. While it lasts:
        • Basic Attack is replaced with the Alternative Heavy Attack “Incarnation: Heavy Attack“ when airborne. Attack the target in mid-air at the cost of Stamina, dealing Spectro DMG.
        • Resonance Skill is replaced with Resonance Skill Illuminous Epiphany. Send out Solar Flare that detonates as Stella Glamour that deals Spectro Damage after a short delay. When Jinhsi has “Incandescence”, consumes up to 40 Incandescence, each point of Incandescence grants an additional DMG multiplier percentage to the Star Glamour. Can be cast in mid-air.
        • After casting Resonance Skill Illuminous Epiphany, Jinhsi gains Unison. This can be triggered once in 25 seconds.
      • Unison
        • While Jinhsi has Unison, switching to other Characters will remove Jinhsi’s Unison to trigger Jinhsi’s Outro Skill and the incoming character’s Intro Skill. Unison will be consumed in priority in place of Concerto Energy when Concerto Energy is full.
      • Incandescence
        • Jinhsi can hold up to 40 Incandescence.
        • When Jinhsi is on the team, all nearby characters on the team gain Eras in Unity. When characters with Eras in Unity deal Damage with an attribute, Jinhsi gains one Incandescence. Damage of the same attribute can provide up to one Incandescence every 3 seconds.
  • Inherent Skill
    • Radiant Surge (Passive)
      • Jinhsi’s Spectro DMG Bonus is increased by 20%.
    • Converged Flash (Passive)
      • Intro Skill Loong’s Halo gains 50% additional DMG.
  • Intro Skill – Loong’s Halo
    • Attack the target, dealing Spectro DMG.
  • Outro Skill – Temporal Bender
    • With the power homologous with the Sentinel, Jinhsi reduces the Cooldown of Eras in Unity to 1s. This lasts for 20s.

Ascension & Forte materials

Ascension materials

RankLevelMaterialShell Credit
120LF Howler Core x 4 5000
230Gloom Slough x4, Elegy Tacet Core x3, MF Howler Core x410000
340Gloom Slough x8, Elegy Tacet Core x6, MF Howler Core x815000
450Gloom Slough x12, Elegy Tacet Core x9, HF Howler Core x420000
560Gloom Slough x16, Elegy Tacet Core x12, HF Howler Core x840000
670Gloom Slough x20, Elegy Tacet Core x16, FF Howler Core x480000

Forte Circuit materials

  • x25 LF Howler Core
  • x28 MF Howler Core
  • x40 HF Howler Core
  • x57 FF Howler Core
  • x25 Waveworn Residue 210
  • x28 Waveworn Residue 226
  • x55 Waveworn Residue 235
  • x67 Waveworn Residue 239
  • x26 Sentinel’s Dagger
  • 20.3 million Shell Credits
Jinhsi in Wuthering Waves
Jinhsi is the Magistrate of Jinzhou in Wuthering Waves.

Resonance Chain

  • S1: When Jinhsi casts Basic Attack “Incarnation: Basic Attack“ or Resonance Skill “Crescent Divinity“, gain one stack of Herald of Revival, which stacks up to four times and last for 6 seconds. When casting Resonance Skill “Illuminous Epiphany“, Jinhsi consumes all stacks of Herald of Revival. Each stack increases the DMG of Resonance Skill “Illuminous Epiphany“ by 20%.
  • S2: Jinhsi recovers 40 Incandescence while staying out of combat for more than four seconds. This effect can only be triggered once every four seconds.
  • S3: Gain 12 Incandescence and a stack of Immortal’s Descendancy after casting Intro Skill Loong’s Halo. Every stack of Immortal’s Descendancy increases ATK by 25%, for up to two stacks, lasting for 20 seconds.
  • S4: When casting Resonance Liberation Purge of Light or Resonance Skill Illuminous Epiphany, all nearby Characters in the team gain DMG Bonus for all attributes by 20% for 20 seconds.
  • S5: The DMG Multiplier of Resonance Liberation Purge of Evil is increased by 120%.
  • S6: DMG Multiplier percentage for Resonance Skill Illuminous Epiphany is increased by 45%. The multiplier increase brought by Incandescence is additionally increased by 71%.

Jinhsi’s backstory

Jinhsi is the Magistrate of Jinzhou city. She is guarded by the visionless “silent protector,” Sanhua, and bears a heavy burden of all the responsibility that comes with the noble post.

Her backstory revolves around her selection as the Magistrate by Sentinel Jue, and her confrontation against him in Mt. Firmament, the new area introduced in this update. Changli, the upcoming new character in the second phase of 1.1 also plays a massive role in her life as she acts as her counselor in WuWa.

According to her character description, Jinhsi has a resonance connection with Sentinel Jue, which allows her to borrow some of his appearances when using her Resonance abilities.

Jinhsi banner end date

Jinhsi was released with the 1.1 Thaw of Eons update as a new character on June 28 and will be up for grabs until July 22. So if you want to get her, simply log in to the game and try your luck through the Convene option.

For Maintenance and Bug Fixes compensation, Kuro Games are giving out a whopping 600 Astrites and 2 Crystal Solvents for free, so you already have a decent starting point to pull for Jinhsi in WuWa.

With 1.1 bringing some new challenges in the game, make sure that you are well-versed with events you can play to earn upgrade materials, and how to survive in the Depths of Illusive Realm.