Wuthering Waves version 1.1: Release date, upcoming Resonators, new map region

Stephanie Zucarelli
Wuthering Waves Jinhsi

Wuthering Waves is ready to receive its first major update since its release, and Kuro Games have teased that their gacha experience will welcome two more Resonators, and a whole new region, among other events and fixes.

Check out everything that has been revealed so far about the new update.

Wuthering Waves version 1.1 release date & time

Wuthering Waves version 1.1 Thaw of Eons will be released on June 28, 2024, at 10:00 (UTC+8) / 6 AM (ET) / 3 AM (PT)/ 11 AM (BST).

Since there has been a change in Kuro Games’ schedule, the devs have offered a compensation reward that all players can redeem for free.

New Resonators & kits

Wuthering Waves version 1.1 will bring two new Resonators, Changli and Jinhsi in this update. Just like the previous banners, players will be able to get them through Convene.

Alongside the characters, Kuro Games have also revealed the signature weapons of both Resonators. Blazing Brilliance, a 5-star sword is Changli’s weapon, whereas Ages of Harvest broadblade belongs to Jihnsi.

New area

Kuro Games announced that Wuthering Waves will be getting a new area called Mt. Firmament.

This region will have two new events, with one of them being Tales from Mt. Firmament, which is an exploration event, while the other one is a photo collection event, Traces of Mt. Firmament. Complete these events to earn up to 800 Astrites, Premium Resonance Potions, Premium Sealed Tubes, and more.

Alongside a new area, Kuro games will introduce several new map exploration aspects in the game as well. Here are all the official notes regarding map exploration in Wuthering Waves 1.1:

  • Mt. Firmament Layered Map: You can switch between different layers on the map for more detailed exploration guidance.
  • Quest progress: After the Version 1.1 update, you will be able to track your progress on Exploration Quests for the current area via Map – Exploration Progress.
  • Loomapper range increase: Expanded the detection range of Lootmapper in the version 1.1 update.

Bug fixes

Wuthering Waves’ dev team confirmed they are working on fixing several issues that were reported during 1.0. Here’s what we can expect to be fixed in this new version:

  • Remapping of controller shortcuts.
  • Depths of Illusive Realm event improvements.
  • Custom Keybinding’s prerequisite changed to Union Level 2.
  • Shell Credit cost will be reduced with Echo development.
  • Reward cutscenes will be removed from the Tacet Field.
  • Echo development materials will be increased.

New features

Here are all the new features announced by the devs that are set to drop in version 1.1:

Tuner Synthesis & Echo changes

Players will be able to synthesize the lower-level tuners that have piled up in their inventory and turn them into high-level 5-star Tuners easily in Wuthering Waves version 1.1. Additionally, daily quests from the Guidebook will return COST 3 or COST 4 quality Echoes.

To top it all off, the new update will also be reducing Shell Credit charges for Echo leveling massively.

Data Bank level cap raised

Players will be able to upgrade their Data Bank to Level 21, instead of Level 20, and every Echo drop will be of 5-star rarity. This means Echo farming is set to be much more favorable for players in higher Union Levels currently.

Players will be able to view their unlocked Resonators in a Gallery called Crossing Stars, while also being able to check all the dialogues of completed Main Quests to stay on track with the story. Additionally, Guidebook Quests will have more variety in 1.1 as well.

Other miscellaneous changes

  • Combat Style Tags: Filter and categorize different combat styles of the various Resonators.
  • Controller Mode changes:
    • Added a new camera adjustment setting for the controller mode. You can now invert the horizontal and vertical camera controls under Settings – Controls.
    • Changed the controller mode shortcut key: Open Chat is now Open Map.
    • Enabled key remapping for certain buttons on Sony PlayStation controllers, making it consistent with the remapping options available for Xbox controllers.

Jinhsi’s story in version 1.1

In the Featured Cinematics of June 20, players get a sneak peek at Jinhsi’s upcoming storyline in version 1.1 of WuWa. Her first encounter with Jue, and being selected as the Magistrate of Jinzhou under Changli’s counseling is the main focus of the trailer so it’s likely that players might get a glimpse of her past.

However, considering where the main story ended in 1.0, it’s likely that Jinhsi’s questline will mostly compile her journey to Mt. Firmament and her confrontation with Sentinel Jue.


On June 20, Kuro Games released the first look at Jinhsi’s story set in the upcoming Version 1.1 of Wuthering Waves. The cinematic throws further light on her connection with Jue, alongside a sneak peek of her signature Broadblade weapon.

The second trailer dropped on June 25, focusing more on both Jinhsi and Changli’s stories, with a sneak peek at both of their playstyles and abilities, alongside revealing Sentinel Jue as the next Calamity class weekly boss fight.

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