Wuthering Waves Jiyan: Attribute, weapon, abilities, more

Aakash Regmi
Jiyan in Wuthering Waves

Jiyan is likely going to be one of the earlier limited introductions in Wuthering Waves, and if you’re wondering about his kit and materials, here’s all you need to know. 

Kuro Games’ open-world RPG, Wuthering Waves, is all set to release on May 22, 2024, with a studded cast of 17 playable characters. Among the group, one of the standouts for the community was Jiyan, who was highly sought after in recent betas. 

All that said, here is the full kit of Jiyan in Wuthering Waves, as well as all his known materials, based on the most recent CBT. 

Who is Jiyan in Wuthering Waves?

Jiyan in Wuthering Waves is a General who stands guard in the well-fortified city of Jinzhou. With an unwavering sense of justice and law, Jiyan bid farewell to his family’s tradition of medicine and took the job as a soldier to protect his city from Tacet Discords.

That’s all the information revealed about Jiyan and his general story so far. We’ll learn more as we approach closer to release, and we will update whenever more details are shared. 

When will Jiyan release in Wuthering Waves?

Kuro Games have not revealed Jiyan’s release date for Wuthering Waves, but since he is the limited banner character, we expect him to be part of the very first limited banner. So, it is likely that he’ll be released alongside the game on May 22, 2024. 

An electro monster about about to touch a character in Wuthering Waves
Jiyan was one of the strongest characters in the recent closed test of Wuthering Waves.

Jiyan Attribute & weapon

In Wuthering Waves, Jiyan is a five-star Aero Resonator and will wield a Broadblade. This means he’ll be manipulating Airflow, which is similar to Anemo in Genshin Impact.

Wuthering Waves Jiyan full kit & abilities

Jiyan in Wuthering Waves is a main DPS and here are all his skills and abilities based on the recent beta tests:

  • Basic Attack (Lone Lance) – Perform up to 5 attacks, causing Aero DMG.
    • Heavy Attack: Consumes stamina and performs a thrust attack dealing Aero DMG.
      • If you hold a basic attack during the heavy attack, a mid-air attack will be unleashed, dealing AoE Aero DMG upon the completion of the Heavy Attack.
      • If you release your basic attack during a heavy attack, it’ll perform an Abyssal Slash dealing AoE Aero DMG.
    • Mid-air attack: Deals Aero DMG by throwing the spear in the air and then slamming it back to the ground.
    • Dodge Counter – Use Basic Attack after a successful Dodge to attack the target and deal Aero DMG.
  • Resonance Skill (Windqueller) – Dashes forward dealing Aero DMG.
  • Resonance Liberation (Emerald Storm: Prologue) – After casting the Resonance Liberation, Jiyan enters the Qingloong Mode.
    • In the Qingloong Mode, using Basic Attack or Heavy Attack will cast Lance of Qingloong—three continuous attacks, causing Aero damage.
  • Forte Circuit (Qingloong at War)
    • When casting Resonance Skill, if Jiyan’s Resolve is higher than 30 points, it’ll consume all Resolve and the DMG of his skill will be increased by 20%.
    • If the Resolve is higher than 30 points when performing Emerald Storm: Prologue, 30 points of Resolve will be consumed, and Emerald Storm: Finale will be cast, causing Aero damage. This damage is Heavy Attack damage.
  • Intro Skill (Tactical Strike) – Stabs the target from the air, dealing Aero damage.
  • Outro Skill (Self Discipline) – Whenever a heavy attack hits a target, Jiyan will summon Qingloong to attack together, causing Aero damage, lasting 8 seconds.
  • Passives: 
    • After casting the Intro Skill, the Basic Attack damage bonus and Heavy Attack damage bonus of Jiyan increase by 8%
    • When hitting a target, Jiyan’s CRIT Rate increases by 1%, with a maximum stack of 10.

Jiyan will get 30 Resolve Points when his Intro Skill hits an enemy and will also accumulate Points when Basic Attack hits an enemy. 

Jiyan upgrade materials

We do not know the full list of materials, or how many of them Jiyan will need in Wuthering Waves. However, based on recent tests, these are some of the likely materials:

  • Ascension materials: 
    • Peacock Flowers
    • Roaring Rock Fist
  • Talent materials:  
    • Howler Core

We’ll update once we learn more about other materials and their total amounts.

That’s everything about Jiyan in Wuthering Waves. Whenever we have confirmed information, we’ll be sure to update you. Until then, for more on the game, as well as other similar gacha titles, check out: 

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