How to level up fast in Wuthering Waves

Ezequiel Leis
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You’ll need a lot of XP to level up your characters in Wuthering Waves, so here’s everything you can do to raise your Union Level fast with Union XP.

Wuthering Waves is similar to Genshin Impact in that you’ll need to level up your characters to face tougher challenges. There are many ways to get XP in Kuro Games’ RPG, and you’ll never run out of things to do.

Here’s how to level up fast in Wuthering Waves, with different methods to get Union XP to raise your Union Level.

How to get Union XP fast in Wuthering Waves

Wuthering Waves players can get Union XP fast by completing any kind of quest and different in-game activities. Here are the most effective ways to level up fast:

Complete quests

The easiest and fastest way to farm XP in Wuthering Waves is by completing main, side, and daily quests. You’ll unlock side and daily quests early in the game, after clearing the initial tutorials. Later on, you’ll also obtain exploration and companion quests that also grant Union XP.

Roam the open world

Since Wuthering Waves is an open-world title, the best way to farm XP is to explore it. By doing this, you’ll encounter new enemies, hidden treasures, many different resources, and even bosses. You can also find different challenges and gather new Echoes by exploring. We recommend taking your time to roam the world, especially in the early game.

Jiyan in Wuthering Waves
Wuthering Waves’ main campaign is the biggest source of XP.

Tacet Fields & Simulation Training

Tacet Fields and Simulation Trainings are activities you can tackle to get weapon and character XP. You’ll need to spend Waveplates to complete them, so we don’t recommend this for the early game.

Defeat World Bosses

World Bosses work similarly to Tacet Fields, as you’ll need to spend Waveplates to get the corresponding Ascension materials. However, you can avoid spending Waveplates if you’re only after the Union XP from the battle.

Wuthering Waves Union XP & Level explained

In Wuthering Waves, the Union Level determines the player’s account level in the game, and you’ll need to gather Union XP to raise it.

Reaching certain milestones will require players to raise the SOL-3 Phase, which is the world level. This allows players to reach new heights with their Union Level, which in turn unlocks more activities, quests, better rewards, and tougher challenges.

That’s all you need to know about how to level up fast in Wuthering Waves. We’ll make sure to update this guide if more activities are added to the game.

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