Wuthering Waves endgame: Tower of Adversity explained

Stephanie Zucarelli
Wuthering Waves Tower of Adversity

Wuthering Waves has an extensive world to explore, and a long list of World Bosses to defeat. But if players get bored with the open world, they can try their skills in the Tower of Adversity, one of the three endgame modes.

This endgame mode pushes all characters to the limit since you’ll need to defeat dangerous enemies within a set time limit to earn its rewards.

Wuthering Waves: How to unlock Tower of Adversity

You’ll unlock this endgame mode in Wutering Waves after reaching Union Level 15 and completing the Alone in the Abyss (Tutorial) quest.

After doing so, you can speak to Sanhua to reveal the location of the Tower of Adversity, which is on a sequestered island west of Jinzhou.

Tower of Adversity location
Visit Sanhua in this location so she’ll reveal the exact location of the Tower of Adversity.

Tower of Adversity: Vigor System & best team comps

The Tower of Adversity is meant to let you put all your characters to the test in Wuthering Waves. That’s why it introduces the Vigor system, where each character will have a certain amount of Vigor that will be spent as you use it to complete different Zones.

The Vigor cost increases in each level, but different Zones have different Vigor counts. This means that Resonators will have different counts in each area of the Tower of Adversity.

Hazard Zone Progress menu
You’ll need to use different team comps to face all Tower of Adversity Zones.

Since you won’t be able to use all your characters freely, you should focus on building your team composition strategically. Keep in mind that Hazard Zone buffs and enemies change all the time, so you’ll also need a team flexible enough for every situation.

Here are some of the best team compositions you can try in The Tower of Adversity:

  • Verina, Yinlin, Havoc Rover.
  • Verina, Sanhua, Calcharo.
  • Baizhi, Jianxin, Encore.
  • Taoqi, Yinlin, Jiyan.

Always try to have a Healer that can absorb some damage and that can also cast strong healing abilities. You can also combine them with healing Echos, which will help you last longer when you’re swarmed by enemies.

All Tower of Adversity Zones

The Tower of Adversity is divided into three Zones: Stable Zone, Experimental Zone, and Hazard Zone.

The Stable Zone introduces the Resonant Tower, which is divided into four stages. In the Experimental Zone, you’ll have to clear every stage of both the Resonant Tower and the Echoing Tower. The Hazard Zone is the most difficult challenge, where you’ll have to clear all towers, including the Tower of Hazard.

Tower of Adversity rewards in Wuthering Waves

  • Stable Zone:
    • Astrite x800
    • hell Credit x60000
    • Advanced Resonance Potion x8
    • Advanced Energy Core x4
    • Hazard Record x80
  • Experimental Zone
    • Astrite x1000
    • Shell Credit x130000
    • Advanced Resonance Potion x10
    • Advanced Energy Core x7
    • Advanced Sealed Tube x7
    • Hazard Record x320
  • Hazard Zone
    • Astrite x700
    • Shell Credit x110000
    • Advanced Resonance Potion x6
    • Advanced Energy Core x6
    • Advanced Sealed Tube x6
    • Hazard Record x600

The different zones of the Tower of Adversity will let you win different rewards, so make sure to choose wisely where you want to spend your Vigor. If you want to know more about Kuro Games’ gacha experience, you can check how to skip time, or how to farm all Weekly Bosses.