Wuthering Waves: All Vendor locations

Stephanie Zucarelli
Souvenir Shop in Wuthering Waves

You’ll need plenty of materials for your adventure throughout Huanglong in WW, and if you can’t find them in the overworld, you’ll have to head straight to Vendors. Here’s where to find Vendors in Wuthering Waves.

As with most gacha games, Wuthering Waves will ask you to get Ascension materials to level up your characters, upgrade your weapons, or even give your stats a buff before facing a World Boss.

Visiting Stores and checking their inventory is a must when trying to get your favorite builds. Some will only sell you a limited quantity of items per week, and others will only accept currency you’ll find while exploring the overworld.

Here’s where to find Vendors in Wuthering Waves.

Where to find all NPC Stores in Wuthering Waves so far

Here’s every NPC Store that’s currently available in Wuthering Waves:

Panhua’s KitchenPanhuaJinzhou* Sells food that grants buffs and restores stamina.
* Provides recipes that can be crafted in a kitchen or cooking pot.
Mahe’s GroceryMaheJinzhou*Sells ingredients that can’t be found in the overworld.
*Some ingredients are only sold in limited quantities.
Souvenir StoreGanxueJinzhou*Sells Standard Banner Convenes, Character EXP, Echo EXP, Weapon EXP, recipes, materials, and more.
*Uses premium currency dropped from chests.
Shifang Pharmacy & FloraKokoJinzhou* Sells flowers, herbs, and medicine that are used for ascending characters after level 40.
Weapon ShopUncle WeiJinzhou*Sells materials for ascending characters and weapons.
* Sells some weapon materials at a limited quantity per week.
Tiger’s Maw OreShilangTiger’s Maw* Sells 4-star Weapons Selector Box, Forte materials, Weapons and Weapons EXP.
* Only deals in Lampylumen ore.
Yibai ClinicHua YuTiger’s Maw* Sells medicine and animals used to create “Tablets” at the Synthesizer.
Tiger’s Maw EateryXingpingTiger’s Maw*Sells an unlimited amount of food that can restore stamina and buff different stats.
Relic MerchantChenpiJinzhou* Sells ascension and upgrade materials, Shell Credits, and more.
*Deals in Sonance Caskets.

While you’ll find most of them in Jinzhou, they are scattered throughout different levels of the city. Here’s a map that will help you find them:

Wuthering Waves Jinzhou NPC vendors
You can try traveling to Jinzhou’s Resonance Nexus and then exploring each level of the city.

There are only three Vendors in Tiger’s Maw, but you’ll need to get right to them if you’re out exploring the overworld and run out of ingredients or materials. Check out the map below to find them.

Tiger's Maw Vendors
You’ll also find these Vendors in different levels of the Tiger’s Maw city.

More locations will be revealed in future Wuthering Waves updates, so be sure to circle back to check out where to find more Vendors. In the meantime, check out which type of Weapon will suit your playstyle better in Kuro Games’ gacha experience, and get to know everything about Weekly Bosses before farming them.