How to reroll in Wuthering Waves: Best characters & is it worth it?

Emily Stander
Jianxin in Wuthering Waves

Rerolling is a well-known element of gacha games, and Wuthering Waves features the same kind of system. Here is a look at how to reroll in Wuthering Waves and if it’s worth it.

Rerolling in Wuthering Waves lets you take another shot at getting a better character to play with on your account. It can take a while, but for most players, it’s an important element of gacha games.

Knowing how to reroll in Wuthering Waves will be an important step for players who find it vital to start their account with the best character they can get. So, here is everything you need to know about rerolling in Wuthering Waves.

Wuthering Waves: How to reroll

You can reroll in Wuthering Waves by logging in with a new email account. Follow these steps to reroll: 

  1. Create a new account/email and log into the game.
  2. Only do the main story quest for about 35-45 minutes.
  3. Wait for Yangyan and Chixia to join the roster.
  4. Complete the tutorial pull to obtain Baizhi.
  5. Do 20-30 pulls on the Novice Convene.

If you get your desired character during this process, you won’t have to reroll again. However, if you didn’t, you’ll need to start again from Step 1.

You’ll need to play through the game until you’re able to pull for new characters and weapons from the Convene Banners. Your pull will be a success if you can unlock one of the 5-star characters, but it also largely depends on what you’re looking for.

Best characters to reroll for in Wuthering Waves

There are five 5-star characters in Wuthering Waves, and any one of them would be a great pull for the game at this stage: 

Verina in Wuthering Waves
Verina is the best character to pull while you’re rerolling.
  • Verina: The best pull you can get when rerolling, Verina is the best Support character in the game right now.
  • Calcharo: Can be challenging to play, but he has massive damage capabilities. 
  • Encore: Great hybrid pick for both melee and ranged damage.
  • Jianxin: Great for support and damage, and a decent overall pick for players who like jack-of-all-trades characters. 
  • Lingyang: Strong choice with great melee damage, but a lower priority pull when it comes to rerolls.

Is reroll worth it in Wuthering Waves?

Going through the steps to reroll in Wuthering Waves is not worth it

Rerolling is a big time sink, as the process takes a minimum of 35-45 minutes every time you want to reroll. Additionally, you’ll have to make a new email account every single time you reroll, which can add even more time to the already major commitment.

Wuthering Waves also gives you a free 5-star pick in your first 40 pulls, and you’ll get to pick another 5-star character within your next 80. Rerolling is only kind of worth it if you’re serious about getting a strong character very early in the game.

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