When can you pull in Wuthering Waves? How to unlock wishing

Aakrit Sharma
Wuthering Waves character

Wuthering Waves is here with a bunch of unique characters, and if you to unlock them, here’s how to unlock wishing and when exactly can you start pulling in Wuthering Waves.

Like Genshin Impact and Honkai Star Rail, Wuthering Waves has a gacha system that allows you to unlock new characters. Asterite is the premium currency that is required to open banners, and getting your hands on your favorite units is one of the most satisfying feelings in such games.

Here’s everything to know about unlocking the gacha in Wuthering Waves, including when you can start pulling.

When can you pull in Wuthering Waves?

You can pull in Wuthering Waves after completing the main quest called First Resonance, which has you talking to Baizhi. Right after you complete the physical exam, the game will notify that you’ve unlocked the Convene feature, which basically allows you to spend Asterite on gacha banners.

This is pretty early on in the campaign, as wishing is one of the most basic yet important features, and many in the community aim to unlock it as quickly as possible. By this point in the campaign, you also have access to most core utilities in Wuthering Waves like the Sensor and Levitator.

How to wish in Wuthering Waves

Follow these steps to unlock wishing and get your desired characters in Wuthering Waves:

  1. Make sure that you’ve completed the First Resonance main quest.
  2. Now, to open the gacha menu, press:
    • F3 on keyboard.
    • The star icon among the several icons on the top right corner of the screen.
  3. You can also head to the settings by clicking on the icon in the extreme top right corner of the screen and select Convene.
Wuthering Waves event banner
Five-star items are the best in terms of quality, but are very hard to obtain.

Following these steps will bring you to the screen displaying all the banners currently available in the game. After that, it’s majorly a matter of luck, and to understand the odds and drop rates better, check out our detailed guide on the gacha system in Wuthering Waves.

To make the most of the system and unlock characters like Chixia, Sanhua, and others, you can collect as many Asterites as possible and earn some of them for free through redeemable codes.