Wuthering Waves Encore: Release date, attribute, abilities, more

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Encore in Wuthering Waves

Encore is one of the many characters Wuthering Waves will have at launch, so here’s everything we know about her so far, including her attribute, abilities, and more.

Like most gacha games, Wuthering Waves will introduce players to a plethora of characters with different playstyles. Encore is a very particular unit, and many players have their sights on her since before the game’s launch.

Here’s everything we know about Wuthering Waves‘ Encore, including her kit, weapon, class, and more.

Who is Encore in Wuthering Waves?

Encore is a consultant from the Black Shores in Wuthering Waves. Black Shores is a research organization that developed a Lament prediction system other factions adopted.

Encore is a lively character that loves fairy tales and is always accompanied by two plushies, woolies called Cosmos and Cloudy, which she uses to attack.

Does Encore have a release date in Wuthering Waves?

Yes, Encore will be available at launch in Wuthering Waves starting May 22, 2024, as she’s part of the game’s standard banner.

Encore Class, Attribute & weapon in Wuthering Waves

In Wuthering Waves, Encore is a five-star Fusion Congenital Resonator and uses a Rectifier as weapon. Her woolies allow her to attack enemies from a safe distance and are part of all her attacks in the game.

Encore full kit & abilities in Wuthering Waves

Thanks to different Wuthering Waves beta tests, we know all of Encore abilities in the game:

  • Wooly attack (Basic Attack) – Performs up to 4 consecutive attacks dealing Fusion DMG. After the fourth attack, press the Basic Attack button again to deal additional Fusion DMG.
    • Heavy Attack – Encore consumes Stamina to attack the target and deals Fusion DMG.
    • Mid-air Attack – Consumes Stamina to perform a Mid-Air Plunging Attack.
    • Dodge Counter – Deals Fusion DMG.
  • Flaming Woolies (Resonance Skill) – Summons Cloudy and Cosmos to attack with burning rays, dealing Fusion DMG. After casting Flaming Woolies, use Resonance Skill to perform Energetic Welcome, dealing additional Fusion DMG.
  • Cosmos Rave (Resonance Liberation) – Cosmos breaks free and wreaks havoc on its surroundings.
    • During Cosmos Rave, the Basic Attack is replaced with Cosmos: Frolicking, which performs up to 4 consecutive attacks that deal Fusion DMG.
    • The Heavy Attack is replaced with Cosmos: Heavy Attack, consuming Stamina to attack the target and dealing Fusion DMG.
    • Flaming Woolies is replaced with Cosmos: Rampage, dealing Fusion DMG.
  • Black & White Woolies (Forte Circuit)
    • Resonance Liberation: Cloudy Frenzy – When Encore’s ‘Dissonance’ is full, after casting a Heavy Attack, Encore will consume all ‘Dissonance’ to enter the Dissonance state, reducing damage taken by 70%. Switching Characters does not interrupt ‘Dissonance’. When the Dissonance state ends, Encore casts Cloudy Frenzy, dealing Fusion DMG.
    • Resonance Liberation: Cosmos Rupture – During Cosmos Rampage, when casting Heavy Attack, if ‘Dissonance’ is full, Encore will consume all ‘Dissonance’ to enter Cosmos’ Dissonance state, reducing damage taken by 70%. After Cosmos’ Dissonance state ends, Encore will cast Cosmos Rupture, dealing Fusion DMG.
  • Woolies Can Help! (Intro Skill) – Encore pounces at the enemies with Cosmos, dealing Fusion DMG.
  • Thermal Field (Outro Skill) – Generates a Flame Zone centered around skill target with a radius of 3 meters. Targets inside the Flame Zone are continuously burned, dealing Fusion DMG every 1.5 seconds for 6 seconds.
  • Angry Cosmos (Inherent Skill) – During the Resonance Liberation Cosmos Rave, when Encore’s HP is above 70%, DMG dealt is increased by 12%.
  • Woolies Cheer Dance (Inherent Skill) – When Flaming Woolies or Cosmos: Rampage are cast, Encore’s Fusion DMG Bonus is increased by 15% for 10 seconds.

Encore can hold up to 100 ‘Dissonance’. Players can restore ‘Dissonance’ by landing hits with her different skills. This also works during Cosmos Rave.

Encore can be considered a Sub-DPS in Wuthering Waves, with many useful skills to deal with many enemies at once. As we mentioned, she can attack from a safe distance, so it’s a good unit to have in your party when you need to regroup and change strategies.

That’s everything you need to know about Encore in Wuthering Waves. For more on Kuro Games’ title and other gacha games, check out more of our guides below:

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