Wuthering Waves Chixia: Abilities, weapon, attribute, more

Stephanie Zucarelli
Chixia is a DPS in Wuthering Waves

Here is everything you need to know about Chixia in Wuthering Waves, from her abilities to her signature weapon.

Wuthering Waves will release a set of 17 characters right from the start, and you’ll get to add Chixia to your team during the prologue. Chixia a 4-star Fusion Pistol character that patrols the streets of Jinzhou city.

If you’re wondering what she’ll bring to your team, here’s everything you need to know about Chixia in Wuthering Waves.

Who is Chixia in Wuthering Waves?

As revealed by Wuthering Waves’ official X account, Chixia is a young Patroller who works in Jinzhou city and will be ready to join Rover to put a stop to the monsters that the Calamity has brought to the world.

How to get Chixia in Wuthering Waves

Chixia can be summoned from all Convenes available in Wuthering Waves, since she’s one of the 4-Star characters you’ll get for free as soon as you start playing.

This means that you can get this character as soon as the game releases on May 22, 2024.

Chixia Attribute & weapon

Chixia is a Fusion Mutant Resonator in Wuthering Waves, and uses Pistols as her main weapon. Her abilities let her use powerful ranged attacks that can cast electricity skills to boost her damage.

Wuthering Waves Chixia full kit & abilities

Thanks to the beta test period, we know all of Chixia’s skills and abilities in Wuthering Waves:

  • Basic Attack
    • Pow Pow: Load bullets for up to 4 consecutive shots, causing Fusion damage.
      • Heavy Attack: Enter the aiming state for a more powerful shot and cause Fusion damage.
      • Mid-air attack: Consume Stamina to continuously shoot the target in the air, causing Fusion damage.
      • Dodge Counter: After a successful Dodge for a certain period, using Basic Attack will attack the target, causing Fusion damage. When the attack hits the target, it can accumulate “Thermobaric Bullets”.
  • Resonance Skill:
    • Whizzing Fight Spirit
      • Ignite the fighting spirit and perform rapid fire on the target, causing Fusion damage. Initially, the “Whizzing Fight Spirit” has 2 times of usage.
  • Resonance Liberation:
    • Blazing Flames
      • Chixia fires up fast shots at nearby enemies, dealing Fusion DMG.
  • Forte Circuit:
    • Resonance Skill: DAKA DAKA!
      • Hold Resonance Skill “Whizzing Fight Spirit” to enter “DAKA DAKA!”. In this state, Chixia continuously consumes “Thermobaric Bullets” to attack the target, dealing Fusion DMG, considered as Resonance Skill damage. You can also use the Basic Attack to deal Fusion DMG.
      • When getting back to normal state: if 30 “Thermobaric Bullets” have been fired when the Basic Attack is activated, Chixia will cast Resonance Skill “Boom Boom” and then terminate “DAKA DAKA!”.
      • Chixia will only terminate “DAKA DAKA!” when all “Thermobaric Bullets” are consumed.
    •  Resonance Skill: Boom Boom
      • Chixia deals Fusion DMG, considered as Resonance Skill damage.
  • Thermobaric Bullets
    • Chixia can hold up to 60 “Thermobaric Bullets”. Inherent Skill Scorching Magazine increases Max “Thermobaric Bullets” by 10.
    • Chixia obtains “Thermobaric Bullets” for every Normal Attack that lands.
    • Chixia obtains “Thermobaric Bullets” upon casting the Intro Skill and the Resonance Skill.
  • Intro Skill 
    • Grand Entrance: Chixia makes a heroic entrance and fires rapidly with her dual pistols at the target, dealing Fusion DMG.
  • Outro Skill 
    • Leaping Flames: Chixia releases a shock wave surrounding the target, dealing Fusion DMG equal to 530.00% of Chixia’s ATK to enemies within the range.
  • Inherent Skill (Passive): 
    • Scorching Magazine: Max “Thermobaric Bullets” is increased by 10 rounds. The damage of Resonance Skill Boom Boom is increased by 50%.
    • Numbingly Spicy!: Each “Thermobaric Bullets” that hits a target during Resonance Skill “DAKA DAKA!” increases ATK by 1% for 10s, stacking up to 30 times.
      • Skillful Cooking: Has a chance to produce special dishes when cooking.
  • Resonance Chain
    • No.1 Hero Play Fan:
      • Resonance Skill Boom Boom hits will always be Critical Hits.
    • Leaping Sparkles
      • During Resonance Liberation Blazing Flames, for every 1 target defeated, Chixia recovers 5 Resonance Energy, up to 20 each time.
    • Eternal Flames
      • Resonance Liberation Blazing Flames deals 40% more damage to targets whose HP is below 50%.
    • Hero’s Ultimate Move
      • Resonance Liberation Blazing Flames grants 60 “Thermobaric Bullets” and immediately resets the Cooldown of Resonance Skill Whizzing Fight Spirit.
    • Triumphant Explosions
      • When the Inherent Skill Numbingly Spicy! reaches max stacks, ATK is additionally increased by 30%.
    • Easter Egg Performance
      • Resonance Skill Boom Boom increases the Basic Attack DMG Bonus of all team members by 25% for 15s.

Chixia will be a great addition to your starter team, but you can also recruit Alto to get a character with great ranged skills. If you are planning on building your team around another character in particular, be sure to check out the first Wuthering Waves banner schedule so you don’t miss anything.