All attributes in Wuthering Waves: Elements explained

Aakrit Sharma
All element icons in Wuthering Waves

All Wuthering Waves characters come with a unique attribute so here’s everything to know about the six elements in the game and whether they react with each other during battles.

Wuthering Waves characters belong to one of the six attributes in the game and just like Genshin Impact and Honkai Star Rail, these attributes have a major impact on the effectiveness of a character during combat.

As a result, choosing the right character for different scenarios is key to smooth progress. On that note, here’s everything to know about the attributes in Wuthering Waves.

All Wuthering Waves attributes

At launch, Wuthering Waves has six attributes with unique properties which include:

Wuthering Wave attributeEffectCharacters
FusionThe character has control over electricity and boasts the ability to stun opponents with attacks.Chixia
GlacioThe character can cool down and freeze opponents through ice attacks. Baizhi
AeroThe character can crowd-control opponents through air attacks and can manipulate airflow.Aalto
ElectroThe character has control over electricity and boasts the ability to stun the opponents with attacks. Calcharo
SpectroThe character can bind photons to damage the opponents and their attacks will involve the use of light.Verina
HavocThe character can destroy matter around themselves and use dark attacks to harm enemies. Camellya

What are attributes in Wuthering Waves?

Attributes in Wuthering Waves are more like Pokemon types than Genshin Impact’s elements. When you head into battles, the bosses will have certain resistances and weaknesses based on attributes and this should be a key factor as you pick your team.

Attributes also have a major impact on the playstyle of the character. The Resonance Liberation attacks that can be executed after the Resonance gauge fills up are also based on the attribute.

Are there elemental reactions in Wuthering Waves like Genshin Impact?

No, attributes don’t react with each other in Wuthering Waves like elements combine to create reactions in Genshin Impact. The combat in the game is more about testing your mechanical skills and you’ll be expected to master parrying as well as attack timing.

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