Tekken 8 players fear the worst after “gross” microtransaction Shop announcement

Joseph Pascoulis

The Tekken 8 devs revealed that a new “TEKKEN SHOP” will be coming to the game in a future update, resulting in mixed feelings among the community.

Tekken 8 has impressed so far, with many enjoying the huge roster of characters as well as looking forward to the first DLC addition, Eddy.

The devs have plans to introduce new content for the first year, with four new characters set to arrive in the Year 1 DLC. However, that’s not all, as they are also providing new updates to support the game, with various bug fixes, improvements, buffs and nerfs, and more.

In fact, the latest in-game announcement revealed that a new feature called the “TEKKEN SHOP” will be implemented in an upcoming update for the game. This has led to a mixed reaction in the community, mainly due to the controversy surrounding microtransactions in games.

Reddit user ‘mugofsnow’ highlighted the announcement with a post titled “TEKKEN SHOP UPDATE??” While they seemed pretty “excited” about the future addition of a store, others in the comments were less enthusiastic.

One comment read, “Not the Battlepass update,” while another described it as “gross.” Others also felt that the implementation of microtransactions explains why the customization options are lacking in comparison to Tekken 7: “Explains why they have barely any [customization options] currently.” 

“Now I know why the customization was uncharacteristically barren. All of the content was held off till the shop. Which they dropped after the game reached a good score and sales. Now the backlash wont matter to them,” agreed another.

Although it’s not confirmed, players assume that cosmetics will be purchasable in this new shop, with some believing that they will be overpriced: “Can’t wait to see a Tekken 3 Costume bundle for £30.”

Some hopefully players in the comments are hoping that the store will feature items that can be purchased with Fight Money, Tekken’s currency that’s earned by playing matches and can be used to unlock certain customization options in the game.

However, others feel this is “naive,” despite having ridiculous amounts of Fight Money that they can’t even use after unlocking all the items.

We’ll have to wait and see what happens once more information regarding Tekken 8’s in-game shop has been revealed. For now, check out whether or not this is the last Tekken game.

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