Tekken 8 update v1.01.04 patch notes: Devil Jin, Reina & Jun nerfs

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Reina in Tekken 8

Tekken 8 has officially received its first patch, bringing nerfs to characters that were dominating the early days of the game’s cycle. To see if your main has been affected, check out the full patch notes for Tekken 8 update v1.01.04.

Tekken 8 enjoyed a successful launch as critics and players welcomed the game with open arms. Its story mode attracted a ton of praise and new mechanics such as the Heat system also received credit for refreshing the experience.

The early days of the game’s online mode saw the likes of Jun, Reina, and Devil Jin emerge as top-tier characters. But, the devs have now introduced a set of nerfs that should bring more balance to their moveset. Everything from extended combos to overpowered launchers have been nerfed.

On that note, here are the full patch notes for Tekken 8 update v1.01.04.

Reina Mishima in Tekken 8
Reina has received a nerf in the latest Tekken 8 update.

Tekken 8 update 1.01.04 patch notes

Check out the full patch notes for the latest Tekken 8 update below:

TEKKEN™8 Patch 1.01.04 is here, fighters!

This patch will have an impact on the following modes & features due to gameplay adjustments for some characters.

The application of the update data will impact the following modes and features due to the changes brought to characters:


Replay data from before the update will be unavailable for playback.


Replay data from before the update will be deleted.


Ghost data from previous versions remain available, but character behavior and moves will be updated with the balance changes brought by the patch.

Common changes

  • Special Style – (During Special Style) Fixed the issue where the startup of certain moves would be delayed by 1 frame when buffering an attack input while still in recovery
  • Balcony Break – Due to an issue where using a specific move caused the Balcony Break to occur and the characters went outside the battle area, adjustments were made to the pushback collision detection.


  • Alisa (During Destructive Form f 1+2) – In Practice mode, corrected the issue where frame advantage was not shown accurately. Originally, it was displaying + 8 frames on block, but the correct value is + 5 frames on block.
  • Jack-8 (b 1, 2) – Fixed an issue where the opponent couldn’t perform a backwards ukemi after an aerial hit.
  • Yoshimitsu (During Manji Dragonfly 2, 4, b) – Corrected an issue where, upon transitioning to Muto no Kiwami, the airborne state persisted longer than intended. This led to opponents’ punish attacks hitting while still airborne.

Buffs & nerfs

  • Devil Jin (f, n, d, D/F 4 > 1+2 on hit)
    • Changed the damage distribution from 10/20 to 7/14
    • Reduced the forward movement of the first hit to shorten its reach.
    • Corrected an issue where the distance between the character and the opponent increased only when also inputting the second hit.
  • Devil Jin (During Morning Crow 1)
    • Reduced the duration of the attack by 1 frame to make it less likely to hit against sidestepping opponents.
    • Changed the damage from 25 to 20.
    • Modified the chip damage on block from 10 to 6.
  • Dragunov (d 1, 2, 1+2)
    • The recovery frames for the first two hits have been increased by 2 frames (Guard: -6 Frames >>> -8 Frames, Hit: +8 Frames >>> +6 Frames). The third hit of the combo is unaffected.
  • Dragunov (u/f 4 or u 4 or u/b 4)
    • The character now turns toward the opponent upon hitting. This change makes follow up attacks more stable when hitting in an off-axis state.
    • The opponent now transitions to a downed state 6 frames earlier.
  • Dragunov (d, d/f, f 4)
    • The distance between the player and the opponent on block has been increased.
    • The chip damage during block has been changed from 8 to 5.
  • Jun (WR 3, 3+4)
    • Increased the recovery time by 5 frames.
    • Increased the opponent’s recovery time when blocked by 5 frames.
    • Frame advantage on block remains unchanged.
  • Jun (u/f 1)
    • Changed the reaction upon hit to prevent unintended follow up attacks.
  • Leo (b 3, 1) / (During Lightning Glare b 3, 1 )
    • Increased the recovery time by 3 frames only when the move is blocked, resulting in a change from a frame advantage of -7 frames on block to -10 frames on block.
  • Leo (b 1, 1+2)
    • Reduced the recovery time inflicted on the opponent by 3 frames only when the move is blocked, resulting in a change from a frame advantage of -9 frames on block to -12.
  • Leroy (b 3+4)
    • Reduced the knockback distance when the attack is blocked, making it easier for the opponent’s counterattacks to connect.
  • Lilli  (u 3+4)
    • The collision detection against the opponent has been extended downwards to make it more difficult to slip under a floating opponent.
  • Raven (db 2, 1, 1)/ (d/f 1, 4)/ (BT 2, 2, 1)/ (During Soulzone 1, 4)
    • The recovering frames after crouching guard against the doppelganger attack have been adjusted to match the standing block, fixing inconsistencies. 
  • Reina (f, n, d, df)
    • Fixed issue where transitioning from a running state to Wind God Step was sometimes not possible.
  • Reina (f, n, d, DF 1)/ (f, n, d, df 1 (df and 1 press simultaneously)
    • Reduced the knockback distance when the attack is blocked.
    • Removed the crouching status during the first half of the attack animation.
    • Increased the damage hurtbox.
    • Made it possible to defend against it with a reversal move
  • Reina (During Sentai 1+2)
    • Changed the reaction when hitting a downed opponent to keep Reina from repeatedly hitting bears.
  • Steve (During Ducking 1+2)
    • The distance to the opponent upon the first hit has been reduced, making it easier to land consecutive hits on larger characters.

Those were the full patch notes for Tekken 8 update v1.01.04. For more on the game, check out our other guides:

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