Tekken 8 players create John Wick, Goku & more in character creator

Aryan Singh
Jin and Kazuya fighting in Tekken 8

Tekken 8 players are already coming up with incredible designs using the Character Customization feature, and some have even recreated pop culture icons like Goku in the game.

Tekken 8 is finally here, and the game’s reception appears to be pretty positive so far. The latest entry in the long-running franchise has received praise for its solid gameplay which now includes the new Heat mechanic. Other new additions like the Arcade Quest mode and the story campaign look to have struck a chord with players as well.

The game also comes with the traditional Character Customization feature, which lets players pick any character and modify its appearance to their heart’s content. From facial features to attire and even accessories, everything can be customized.

Players can also tweak their Titles, change the Health Gauge, or modify the Player Information Panel to inject a bit of personality into their profiles. Apart from some missing classic outfits, the Character Customization feature looks to be pretty well-rounded.

The Tekken 8 community has already worked up some fantastic designs, with some referencing prominent characters from other games and even anime. Among the many designs we’ve come across, the ones that stood out include this Lars modification by ‘DynamiteSuren’ that looks like Goku.

Another solid example is this makeshift John Wick made over new character Victor Chevalier by ‘Silenti7.’

Resident Evil’s Leon Kennedy morphed over Tekken 8‘s Jin isn’t something many players will have expected, but ‘shmick28’ has made it a reality.

There was also no shortage of praise for the feature, with one player saying, “I like the customization, it’s simple, and none of the items are that overpriced, heck most of them are free.” However, there were some calls for more clothing options, especially unique outfits.

The official Tekken subreddit is filled with incredible designs such as these, and it’ll be interesting to see just how wild things can get.

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