Will Tekken 8 be on Xbox Game Pass?

tekken 8 key art with xbox game pass logoBandai Namco / Microsoft

Wondering if Bandai Namco’s Tekken 8 will arrive on the Xbox Game Pass come launch? Here’s everything we know.

Tekken 8 is the exciting return of Bandai Namco’s iconic fighting game, which sees new mechanics such as the Heat System, as well as crossplay to help better the game’s online matchmaking experience.

With crossplay officially in the game, fans across all platforms are excited to be able to connect and play together using the wide array of characters. Whether your friends are on PC, PS5, or Xbox, you’ll be able to enjoy Tekken 8 with them no matter the platform.

The official release date for Tekken 8 on these platforms is yet to be revealed, but the devs have decided to give players a chance to experience the title early through the Closed Network Test, which is available for those who registered on all platforms come the weekend of July 28, 2023.

Speaking of platforms, Xbox players may be wondering whether or not Tekken 8 will be on Xbox Game Pass, so here’s your answer.

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Is Tekken 8 coming to Xbox Game Pass?

Tekken 8 doesn’t have an official release date yet, so it’s unclear whether or not the title will arrive on the Xbox Game Pass. That said, it’s unlikely that Tekken 8 will be on the Game Pass come launch, as Bandai will probably want to launch the game at full price for players to purchase it first before adding it to subscription services.

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marshall law in tekken 8Bandai Namco
Tekken 8 will feature cross-play, but it’s unlikely to launch on the Xbox Game Pass.

While it may not be on Xbox Game Pass at launch, there is, of course, a chance that it will be added to the Xbox Game Pass sometime after launch, much like what happened with Tekken 7. While it isn’t on there now, Tekken 8’s predecessor, Tekken 7, was on the Xbox Game Pass for some time back in 2020.

It was removed in 2021, but those on Xbox were able to get the game for free for about a year. This was a good five years after the game’s launch on consoles, so perhaps we can expect a similar trajectory for Tekken 8 when it comes to its availability on the Xbox Game Pass.

As more information about Tekken 8 on the Xbox Game Pass is revealed, we’ll be sure to update this piece, so stay tuned. For now, check out some of our other guides on both Street Fighter 6 and Mortal Kombat 1:

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