Tekken 8 devs provide fix to “unacceptable” online crashes

Aryan Singh
Feng in Tekken 8

Due to a ton of player traffic, Tekken 8 servers were quickly overloaded after the game went live making it difficult to access online modes. Following a barrage of criticism from players, the devs have confirmed that the problem has been fixed.

Tekken 8 launched to positive reviews from fans and critics alike, with players lauding the core gameplay as well as the overall package. The title comes with all the bells and whistles fans have come to expect from the series, including a new story campaign, character customization options, and even the Tekken Ball mode for players who enjoy the whimsical side of Tekken.

Despite all the fanfare, Tekken 8 did encounter a major hitch after launch as the game’s servers simply couldn’t keep up with the traffic. Players jumping into the game were quickly met with issues while accessing online modes, including random crashes due to a ‘Fatal Error.’

Some players took to Reddit to express their annoyance, and a post from user ‘xxkilicxx’ on the subject gained plenty of traction. In it, they called the state of the game “unacceptable,” and added, “On both Console and PC the game won’t allow a lobby to go on for more than 2-3 matches before the game crashes without any reasoning apart from the “Fatal Error!”

They continued, “I’m sick and tired of being excited for a game, paying 70€ for the damn BASE version, only to have to wait a week post-release to be able to enjoy it with my friends.”

The crashes seemed to impact many players in the comments section, and it wasn’t long before an official statement from the devs arrived. They confirmed that the problem was being investigated and fortunately, it didn’t take long for it to be fixed.

Just hours after acknowledging the issue, Tekken 8 executive producer Katsuhiro Harada confirmed that the matter has been resolved. He stated, “Ok guys!! For all platforms! Errors and crashes that occurred during online matching and matches have been resolved by server modifications and enhancements.”

Fans loved the swift response from the devs and praised their day-one support for the game. It remains to be seen if the issue has cleared up for all players.

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