All ranks in Tekken 8: Ranked mode explained

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Tekken 8 is a very competitive game, as players pick their fighter and go head to head. You can choose to compete against other online players in the Ranked mode, so for those wondering how to rank up and what all the ranks look like in Tekken 8, here are all the details.

Like any fighting game, Tekken 8 is an extremely competitive game. With over 30 characters to choose from, players will want to knuckle down, master their favorite characters, and then test themselves by competing in the Ranked mode.

Tekken is known for its many ranks, and climbing up them can be a difficult task. For those interested in knowing all of the ranks in Tekken 8, as well as how ranking up works in the game, here are all the details you need to know.

How to play Ranked in Tekken 8: Competitive mode explained

You can play Ranked in Tekken 8 by selecting the mode in the main menu of the game. Once you select Ranked, you will then pick your side and character before being placed in the practice lobby to await your opponent.

Opponents will pop up on the screen, to which you will then either accept or deny. If you accept, you will go into a match against the player. You will be matched against those of a similar rank depending on your selected preferences.

You can then play a set of three games against the player, or choose to leave after just one match.

leroy and feng matching kicks in tekken 8
Tekken 8’s Ranked mode is extremely competitive.

Every rank in Tekken 8

There are a total of 30 ranks in Tekken 8, here’s every one of them, including the Ranked Points you need to earn each rank:

RankColorRanked Points needed
1st DanSilver400
2nd DanSilver1,000
FighterLight Blue1,600
StrategistLight Blue2,600
CombatantLight Blue3,400
Mighty RulerRuler31,500
Flame RulerRuler36,500
Battle RulerRuler41,100
Tekken KingGold70,900
Tekken EmperorGold79,100
Tekken GodGold87,900
Tekken God SupremeGold97,300
God of Destruction109,700

How does ranking up work in Tekken 8? How to rank up

Ranking up is as simple as playing and winning matches in Tekken 8. If you win, you will receive a certain amount of Ranked Points determined by the skill gap between you and your opponent. You will lose points for losing matches, which could lead to a demotion if you lose too many times.

If the player is of the same or higher level than you, you will gain more Ranked Points for a win and lose less for a loss. If they are at a lower level than you, you will receive fewer points for a win and lose more for a loss.

You will be able to see your progression bar at the end end of a match, which will let you know how close you are to either a demotion or promotion.

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