Is Skull and Bones PvP? Player versus player modes explained

Aakash Regmi
Canons being loaded and fired in SKull and Bones

If you’re wanting to get some PvP action going in Skull and Bones, you’ll first need to know if the game has the mode, and how to access it when the time comes. We’ll discuss everything you need to know right here.

Back in 2017, when Skull and Bones was first announced, it was more or less the PvP version of 2013’s Assasin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. It has since undergone significant changes, and now the game has much more to offer with both PvP and PvE gameplay. 

Skull and Bones also features a shared world, similar to Sea of Thieves, so you’ll see plenty of other fellow pirates during your voyage. But can you engage in PvP at free will? Here’s how PvP works in Skull and Bones. 

How to PvP in Skull and Bones

Skull and Bones has no dedicated PvP modes, and the only way to play them is through certain contracts like Cutthroat Cargo HuntHostile Takeover, and Helm Wager. 

Among the mentioned contracts, only Hostile Takeover seems to be full-blown PvP where you fight other fellow pirates as well as AI to take over manufactories. Helm Wager has you reach a particular place, and as soon as it starts, you’ll be marked, and other players in the world can come and sink your ship. If you’re defeated, you’ll lose all your coins in Helm Wager.

two ships firing canons across islands in Skull and Bones
Skull and Bones has a handful of PvP gameplay, and is mostly centered around PvE content.

Meanwhile, Cutthroat Cargo Hunt in Skull and Bones is a treasure hunt world event where you and other players who opt-in will be racing to get to the cargo first. The event spawns automatically, like a public event, and there isn’t a dedicated option to play it whenever you like.

That’s all the PvP modes confirmed so far. Ubisoft did mention Dragon Boat Race in their post-launch plans, which will hopefully have PvP elements. So it is likely that we’ll see more PvP modes added sometime later.

Can you opt in or out of PvP in Skull and Bones?

There is no toggle for turning PvP on or off in Skull and Bones, as there is no need for it in the first place. PvP is purely optional, and you’ll only enter once you accept certain contracts. 

Plus, there are no possibilities for griefing in Skull and Bones, as outside of PvP gameplay, you cannot deal any damage to another player’s ship. 

That’s everything about how PvP works in Skull and Bones, if there is any additional news on more PvP content, we’ll be sure to update you. For more on the game, as well as other Ubisoft titles, check out: 

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