Pokemon Go players demand increase to gift limits despite welcome friend list boost

Lucas Simons
Pokemon Go Friend List

Niantic have dropped a Pokemon Go update to increase the friend list limit, but players are saying another change is needed to make it worthwhile.

The Pokemon Go devs have been receiving a lot of heat from players who are not entirely happy with all the changes happening in the game in 2024. One of the highly requested changes is for the Friends List limit, which players believe to be insufficient when trying to reach the max level by farming “Best Friend” XP.

The change announced by Niantic on June 13 raises the Friends List’s upper limit to 450, and while players agree that this is a welcome change, they feel like another change is needed to capitalize on this one.

Some players have indicated that gift holding and daily limits on opening and sending gifts should also be increased to make this change truly impactful to the Friend mechanic.

Some players insist that Niantic should introduce remote trading, a feature that they have been begging for ever since the Lucky Friend gimmick was introduced. Pokemon Go trainers stated that they feel overwhelmed by so many Lucky Trades pending, and that needs to be addressed first.

Nevertheless, Pokemon Go’s dev team is taking a step in the right direction by injecting some much-needed boosts to the Friend mechanic.

Whether they implement all the requested changes or not remains to be seen. In the meantime, you should stay up to date with more of the changes coming to the game, like events, Raids, Spotlight Hours, and new Pokemon.

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