How to beat Pokemon Go Mega Charizard Y Raid: Best counters

Niladri Sarkar

Mega Charizard Y is one of the strongest attackers in Pokemon Go and a cult icon among fans. So, here’s all you need to know to beat it in Raids, with details on its weaknesses, top counters, and shiny odds.

Mega Evolutions are among the best attackers in Pokemon Go, rivaling even the mighty Legendaries in raw damage output and stats. But, hardly any of them are as powerful as Mega Charizard Y,

This Mega Y version of the iconic Charizard is more formidable than its Mega X counterpart in Pokemon battles, and you need to prepare a solid team of counters that take advantage of its weaknesses.

Here’s everything to know to beat Mega Charizard Y Raids in Pokemon Go and also its shiny chances.

How to get Mega Charizard Y in Pokemon Go

You can get Mega Charizard Y in Pokemon Go by catching regular Charizard after beating the Raid Battle and then Mega-evolving it with 200 Mega Energy.

Mega Charizard Y will take over Pokemon Go Raid Battles until June 28, 2024. So, you will have enough time to collect the required Mega Energy.

mega charizard y in the pokemon xy anime
Mega Charizard Y is a Fire/Flying-type Pokemon.

Pokemon Go Mega Charizard Y weaknesses

Mega Charizard Y is weak to Electric, Rock, and Water-type attacks in Pokemon Go. You’ll be glad to know that it is double-weak (4x in the mainline games) to Rock-type moves, so you should prioritize building them as counters to win the Raid without much effort.

Best counters for Mega Charizard Y Raid in Pokemon Go

The overall best counter to beat Mega Charizard Y Raids in Pokemon Go is Shadow Rampardos with Smack Down and Rock Slide.

Here are the top counters to beat Mega Charizard Y Raid:

  • Shadow Rampardos with Smack Down and Rock Slide
  • Mega Diancie with Rock Throw and Rock Slide
  • Shadow Rhyperior with Smack Down and Rock Wrecker
  • Mega Tyranitar with Smack Down and Stone Edge
  • Mega Aerodactyl with Rock Throw and Rock Slide

Some other good options include Tyrantrum, Terrakion, Gigalith, Primal Kyogre, and Mega Swampert.

pokemon go mega charizard y raid counter rampardos
Rampardos has an extremely high Attack stat of 291 but requires dodging.

Complete Mega Charizard Y Pokemon Go moveset

Here are all the moves that Mega Charizard Y can learn in Pokemon Go:

Fast Moves

  • Fire Spin (Fire)
  • Ember* (Fire)
  • Wing Attack* (Flying)
  • Air Slash (Flying)
  • Dragon Breath* (Dragon)

Ember, Wing Attack, and Dragon Breath can be taught to Mega Charizard Y using Elite Fast TMs.

Charged Moves

  • Fire Blast (Fire)
  • Blast Burn* (Fire)
  • Flamethrower* (Fire)
  • Overheat (Fire)
  • Dragon Claw (Dragon)

Blast Burn and Flamethrower can only be taught to Mega Charizard Y using Elite Charged TMs.

Can Mega Charizard Y be shiny in Pokemon Go?

Yes, shiny Mega Charizard Y is available in Pokemon Go.

If you’re lucky, you can encounter a shiny Charizard after the Raid Battle and Mega-evolve it to a shiny Mega Charizard Y. The odds of finding a shiny Pokemon from a Mega Raid Battle is 1 in 64 or 1.56% chance. Also, a shiny encounter from a Mega Raid battle is a guaranteed catch.

That’s all you need to know about Mega Charizard Y Raids in Pokemon Go if you’re looking to add more powerhouses to your team, check out how to get Mega RayquazaMewtwo, and Zygarde.

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