Buffed Warzone SMG is deadly Rebirth Island Sniper support

Luca Di Marzo
Warzone Operators on roof Rebirth Island map

A powerful Warzone SMG is flying under the radar as the best Sniper support weapon in the game, thanks to its best-in-class damage range and quick TTK.

The Warzone meta tends to shift with each major update bringing buffs and nerfs. One buffed weapon that’s being overlooked is the Striker 9 SMG.

While the HRM-9 is undoubtedly the best SMG when it comes to close-range gunfights, the Striker 9 brings different qualities to the table. Thanks to its exceptional damage range and fire rate, the Striker 9 is proving to be a top tier Sniper support weapon.

The pool of active maps in the rotation also drastically alters the ranking of the best weapons in Warzone. Certain guns are more suited to small maps like Rebirth Island, while others thrive on Urzikstan’s wide open areas.

Since Rebirth Island returned at the start of Season 3 Warzone players have taken to the fan-favorite map. My hours played have increased drastically since the map returned and my biggest challenge was finding a Sniper support gun that fits the map well.

Sniping on Rebirth Island has been a bundle of fun given how there always seems to be a player within range of my scope. However, finding a Sniper support weapon that suits Rebirth Island wasn’t easy. At first, I thought the RAM-7 was the answer. But the Assault Rifle leaves a lot to be desired in close-quarters combat.

Switching to the buffed Striker 9 solved my Rebirth Island dilemma. The weapon’s impressive damage range was buffed further at the start of Season 3. Its classic SMG characteristics like mobility will allow you to win gunfights in tight spaces, like the various buildings across Rebirth Island. While its damage range makes hitting those mid-range shots, from one rooftop to another, a simple task.

Warzone expert Metaphor agrees with the Striker 9’s ability to dominate, stating that “this thing actually feels like a complete laser and is definitely one of the best SMGs in the game right now.”

If you’re a big fan of Sniper gameplay, especially on Rebirth Island, give the Striker 9 a shot in your next match and it could become your go-to Sniper support choice moving forward into Warzone Season 3 Reloaded.

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