Gray Zone Warfare devs praised for positive take on players’ feedback

Lucas Simons
Gray Zone Warfare player squad on the chopper

Madfinger Games has worked tirelessly since the early access of Gray Zone Warfare landed. Many players have noticed open lines of communication with the dev team, and they love it.

Gray Zone Warfare‘s success is mostly due to Madfinger Games’ constant work to improve the game features and apply critical fixes on the go. Lately, players have been praising the devs’ openness to discuss what needs to be fixed in the game.

Ever since the launch of its early access, Gray Zone Warfare has received praise and complaints on equal parts. Most of the complaints are due to several issues affecting connectivity, and performance.

However, the devs already addressed many of these issues and expressed their “commitment to keep moving forward” with the support the game needs. Players have also shared their own experiences with devs willing to discuss the changes the game needs.

“With communication like this, the Dev team deserves some patience from the players as they try to fix and optimize the game,” stated a Reddit user posting about their experience when reporting an issue.

Mine Field in Gray Zone Warfare
The game looks incredibly detailed, and the devs are actively working to fix every issue that pops up.

Another player, agreeing with the OP summarized the dev team’s efforts: “Literal week one alpha public ‘test’ build and they’ve already pushed two hotfixes and hosted a dev stream introducing a handful of staff talking about areas they work on / are actively improving,” the Gray Zone Warfare fan stated.

Then, they added: “All in week one. This is how a responsible, professional, ethical dev studio operates. hopefully, gamers are paying attention.”

Unsurprisingly, the game has already reached a massive number of players, who are excited to test the raw potential the game offers. Still, the game has a lot of points to improve, and while this is just the beginning of Gray Zone Warfare’s run, many players are already calculating where it will end.

Many players compare Gray Zone Warfare with Escape from Tarkov, and believe that Madfinger Games’ title could dethrone Battlestate Games’ take on realistic tactical shooting.

Whether this happens or not, both games are great options for players looking for realistic warfare combat. If you’re looking to take your first steps in Gray Zone Warfare, this beginner’s guide will help you.