Warzone’s best LMG is perfect Sniper Support thanks to one attachment

Joseph Pascoulis
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Warzone Aftermarket Parts can completely change a weapon’s performance, and that’s certainly the case for one of the LMGs, as its Conversion Kit turns it into one of the best Sniper Support options for Rebirth Island.

The Bruen Mk9 is one of Warzone‘s best weapons thanks to its easy-to-control recoil and fantastic damage at range.

However, it lacks in mobility and can be outperformed by some of the top Assault Rifle choices at those medium ranges. That said, using its Conversion Kit can completely change that and even make it a top Sniper support choice in the game.

The JAK Shadow Titan Kit essentially turns the Bruen Mk9 from an LMG into a light, integrally suppressed rifle. Not only are you undetectable on the radar with this Conversion Kit, but it also improves the Bruen’s aim down sight, movement speed, and reload quickness.

Combined with attachments such as the Kimura RYN-03 Vertical Grip, Stip-40 Grip, JAK Glassless Optic, and the VLK LZR 7MW, the Bruen Mk9 becomes an incredibly strong medium and even close-ranged weapon, which makes it perfect for Rebirth Island.

The main way the Bruen Mk9 with the JAK Shadow Titan Kit manages to do this is through its incredibly easy-to-control recoil, which allows you to hit all your shots. The Conversion Kit doesn’t leave you short on ammo either, providing you with a nice mag size of 60 Rounds, which is perfect given the increase in reload speed too.

The major downside to the Conversion Kit is of course the drop off in damage range and bullet velocity. However, I still found myself being able to pick enemies off from longer ranges thanks to the low recoil, and when paired with a Sniper like the MORS, you don’t have to worry about long-ranged engagements.

Warzone content creator Metaphor has also realized how strong the Bruen Mk9 with the JAK Shadow Titan Kit can be, especially at close-to-medium range when utilizing Tac-Stance.

The weapon is yet to be nerfed, and with Season 3 Reloaded coming up, who knows, perhaps it will remain a top choice. It even works extremely well as a Sniper Support option, with impressive mobility and handling.