How to use Levitator in Wuthering Waves

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To prepare you for the Echoing Marche quest and other puzzles in Wuthering Waves, here’s everything to know about unlocking and using the Levitator.

The Levitator in Wuthering Waves is a handy item to complete quests and early on in the campaign, the Echoing Marche mission requires you to clear thorns using an Explosive Charge. This is a basic yet very important mechanic like attributes that you must understand deeply as it’ll be key for solving countless puzzles throughout your journey.

On that note, here’s how to unlock the Levitator in Wuthering Waves and how you can use it to burn off the thorns with Explosive Charge or connect the fuel tank pipelines, among other things.

Wuthering Waves: How to use Levitator

Follow these steps to use the Levitator in Wuthering Waves:

  1. Open the tool wheel by pressing Tab on a PC’s keyboard, holding down the D-pad on a controller, or by holding the Tool button right above the attack button on mobile.
  2. Select Utility and select Levitator from the wheel menu.
  3. Now, press T on keyboard, LB/L1 on a controller, or the tool button on your mobile screen to activate the Levitator. Nearby objects that can be picked up will be highlighted.
  4. After picking the desired object, aim towards the region and throw or place it in a manner that completes the ongoing quest or solves the puzzle.

In the early game, you’ll have to burn off the thorns with Explosive Charge using the Levitator. To complete this part of the Echoing Marche quest, you have to follow the steps above and lastly, throw the Explosive Charge towards the thorns to set them on fire.

So, whenever you’re confronted by thorns, look for an Explosive Charge nearby and use the Levitator to clear the path.

Wuthering Waves character using Levitator to burn thorns
Pick the Explosive Charge up and throw it on the burns to complete the mission.

Another mission in the early game requires you to connect pipe lines to operate the fuel tank. This time around, you’ll have to place the pipes with the perfect shape and size to fill the gaps.

How to unlock Levitator in Wuthering Waves

You can unlock the Levitator in Wuthering Waves simply by progressing through the main quest. The utility skill’s tutorial is automatically added outside Jhinzou City soon after you’ve unlocked the Grappling Hook.

With the Levitator, you can pick up a wide range of items in the Wuthering Waves open world and throw them to burn off bushes, fix broken mechanisms, or just solve puzzles that hand out rewards. It is a core item in the game and you’ll undoubtedly be using it to complete a ton of exploration challenges.

Alongside completing quests, you’d also want to unlock your favorite characters and here are Wuthering Waves codes to help you get free resources as well as a rundown of top-tier units like Jihnsi, Sanhua, and Chixia.

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