All Tides in Wuthering Waves and how to get them

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Jiyan in Wuthering Waves

Tides are an important currency in Wuthering Waves that help you unlock a variety of Resonators, weapons, and more. So, here are all the types of Tides and the best ways to get them.


Wuthering Waves has a vast amount of materials and currencies that you can use to get new Resonators, weapons, and skills. There are different ways to get each, and every type has a different use. 

So, here are all the Tides in Wuthering Waves, where you can find them, and what you can use them for. 

Tides types & uses in Wuthering Waves

There are three types of Tides in Wuthering Waves; Lustrous, Radiant, and Forging, and each of them has a different use. 

  • Lustrous Tides: Used for basic rolls from the Convene menu.
  • Radiant Tides: Used to roll for specific Resonators in Character Event Convenes.
  • Forging Tides: Used to roll for 5-Star weapons in a Weapon Event Convene.

Radiant and Forging Tides are the rarest types in the game, mostly because they’re necessary to pull on limited-time character and weapon Banners that rotate every three weeks.

You can use Astrite, Aftershock Coral, and Oscillated Coral in the Exchange tab of the shop to get all of the types of Tides, but it’s not the only way. 

Since Forging and Radiant Tides are the rarest in Wuthering Waves, it’s best to save your Astrite for these types instead of Lustrous Tides. 

The exchange rate is one Tide for 160 Astrite, and Astrite can be obtained through redeeming codes, completing events, quests, opening chests, and a bunch of other activities in the game.

Awakening Journey event Wuthering Waves
There are multiple ways to get Tides, including taking part in events and challenges.

How to get Lustrous Tides in Wuthering Waves

Lustrous Tides are the most common type in Wuthering Waves, and there are a few ways you can get them: 

  • Reach Union Level milestones as part of Awakening Journey rewards
  • Battle pass rewards
  • Free Level Bundles in the in-game shop for reaching Union Level milestones
  • Hand in Sonance Caskets collectibles for Casket Delivery rewards
  • Spend Wood-textured Shards at the Jinzhou Souvenir Shop
  • Exchanging item types for Tides in the Exchange menu of the store:
    • Aftershock Coral
    • Oscillated Coral 
    • Astrite

How to get Radiant Tides in Wuthering Waves

Radiant Tides are rarer than Lustrous Tides in Wuthering Waves, so they’re not as readily handed out: 

  • Completing the Battle Pass
  • Login event rewards
  • Exchanging item types for Tides in the Exchange menu of the Store:
    • Aftershock Coral
    • Oscillated Coral 
    • Astrite

How to get Forging Tides in Wuthering Waves

Forging Tides can only be obtained in Wuthering Waves by exchanging certain item types for Tides in the Exchange Store

  • Aftershock Coral 
  • Oscillated Coral
  • Astrite

If you’re wondering about how to get more materials in Wuthering Waves, be sure to know where to find Wintry Bell. Otherwise, remember to complete challenges and quests to get the Astrite you need for Tide exchange, and become familiar with the best characters in the game so you know who to try and pull.

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