How to complete Solitary Path Companion Story in Wuthering Waves

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Yinlin convene screen in Wuthering Waves

Yinlin is finally available in Wuthering Waves, so here’s how to complete her Companion quest, Solitary Path, including the correct password.

Wuthering Waves launched the second phase of the 1.0 version, and players are trying to add Yinlin to their teams. You can complete her Companion Story titled Solitary Path to get rewards.

Here’s everything you need to know about Yinlin’s companion mission in Wuthering Waves, including how to start it and the correct password for the safe house.

How to start Solitary Path Companion Story in Wuthering Waves

All Wuthering Waves players who log in starting June 6, 2024, will receive a call from Chixia. You’ll need to answer the call to start the Companion Story titled Solitary Path.

If you missed the call, you can search for the mission on the Quests tab. Track the quest and leave the menu to get the call and start Solitary Path. Keep in mind that you’ll need at least an hour to get everything done in the Companion Story.

Yinlin in Wuthering Waves
Yinlin is featured in the second phase of Wuthering Waves 1.0.

Wuthering Waves: How to enter correct password in Solitary Path

After you interact with some characters, defeat enemies, collect Dolls, and use the Sensor to find markings, you’ll need to use the password 4 1 2 3 to open the safe house in Wuthering Waves.

You can figure the password out by counting the flowers out of place around the door. If you speak with Yinlin, she’ll tell you this and give you the password right away.

Wuthering Waves Solitary Path Companion Story quest walkthrough

Here’s everything you need to do to complete the Solitary Path Companion Story quest in Wuthering Waves:

  1. Answer Chixia’s Call.
  2. Go to the marked area in Jinzhou.
  3. Cover up signs of struggle by interacting with the two shining objects.
  4. Go to the meeting place in Huanglong.
  5. Follow Lirong after the cutscene.
  6. Defeat the two Fractsidus members after another cutscene.
  7. Collect all three dolls located around the glowing blue plants. You’ll find one right in front of you and the other two at your sides.
  8. Use the Sensor to find the markings and follow them to find the safe house.
  9. Enter the Correct Password: 4123
  10. Enter the safe house and head to the center to trigger a cutscene.
  11. Interact with the shining marked objects in the warehouse to get more details.
  12. Use the tablet and complete the minigame.
  13. Leave the safe house and talk to Yinlin to ask for details.
  14. Talk to three members of the Seance Society marked with purple icons.
  15. Defeat the enemies coming your way. You’ll get Yinlin as a free trial, so take the opportunity to try her abilities in the game.
  16. Choose your team and head to the Puppet Factory portal.
  17. Move the Remote-Controlled Doll to the floor switch to solve the puzzle.
  18. Keep moving and defeat the Exiles you find in your way.
  19. Follow the marker and then use the Levitator to place the cube on the switch on the left and stand on the other one. Once the lasers are powered down, use the Levitator to place the other cube on the switch you are standing on.
  20. Unlock the mechanism by using the remote-controlled doll and activate the third switch.
  21. Keep moving, defeat more Exiles, and drop down the whole with lasers.
  22. Use more remote-controlled dolls to activate two floor switches.
  23. Head to the marked locations and select the Zoom Camera through the utility wheel to record information.
  24. Defeat enemies and take the elevator to the top floor.
  25. Follow the purple marker to get to the Dollmaker’s location.
  26. Defeat all Exiles and the Mech Abomination. We recommend waiting for the boss to finish their combos before attacking. Keep your distance during its spinning attack, and strike once it’s over. Lastly, don’t use Electro characters, as the Mech Abomination can resist their attacks.
  27. Back in Jinzhou, use the sensor to find the markings and Yinlin.

There you have it! You can complete the Solitary Path Companion Story to get Union EXP, Astrite, Shell Credits, and other rewards.

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