How to use Sensor in Wuthering Waves

Aakrit Sharma
Wuthering Waves characters standing by a pool

Here’s everything to know about using and unlocking the Sensor in Wuthering Waves so that you can complete tasks like confirming the patrol route.

Starting your journey in Wuthering Waves is all about understanding the game’s several mechanics related to open world exploration, quests, characters, and puzzles. This also includes unlocking integral devices like the Grappling Hook, the Levitator, and the Sensor.

If you’re stuck trying to complete the Echoing Marche quest in Wuthering Waves, here’s how to use the Sensor in the game.

Wuthering Waves: How to use Sensor

Follow these steps to use the Sensor in Wuthering Waves:

  1. Open the tool wheel by:
    • Pressing Tab on your PC’s keyboard.
    • Holding down the D-pad on your controller.
    • Pressing and holding the tool button on your mobile device.
  2. In the Utility section of the tool wheel, hover around and select Sensor.
  3. With the Sensor equipped, simply press your tool button (T on keyboard, LB/L1 + Triangle/Y on controller, or the tool button next to your attack button on mobile devices).
  4. You should now be able to get the desired hints to complete the mission.

In the Echoing Marche quest, you’ll have to follow the steps mentioned above and using the sensor will let you see traces of officers, follow their route, and find the detection beacon.

Wuthering Waves character in a city
Hold this tool button on mobile to open the wheel menu that lets you use the Sensor.

In other quests like the Tacet Discord Hunter, you’ll have to use the Sensor to discover traces of the operation and then follow them to gather more clues.

Do note that the Sensor only works for five seconds so you should gather all the relevant hints quickly. There’s no cooldown though, so feel free to experiment a little and understand its functioning properly.

How to unlock Sensor in Wuthering Waves

You can unlock the Sensor in Wuthering Waves by completing the missions from the first main quest and talking to a Midnight Ranger will grant you access to the item. Following this, it’ll be added to your scroll wheel from which you can use it to trace paths and complete a wide range of puzzles.

After getting core items like the Sensor, you’ll also want to unlock some great characters to help you in combat. We have explained the abilities of favorites like Chixia, Sanhua, and Aalto in depth and here are all the redeemable Wuthering Waves codes that you can redeem for free Asterite, the premium currency required to unlock new characters.