Wuthering Waves Sanhua: Abilities, weapon, attribute, more

Stephanie Zucarelli
Sanhua is a sub DPS character Wuthering Waves

Sanhua is a mysterious character who uses her Glacio skills to swipe every enemy surrounding her. If you are interested in using her, here’s what you need to know about her kit in Wuthering Waves.

Wuthering Waves will offer you a whole set of free characters for you to start building your team. These won’t only help you to get a better feel of everything that’s happening in Solaris-3, but could define what type of Attributes you’ll need to use in each fight.

If you want to get Sanhua for your Wuthering Waves team, here’s everything you should know about her.

Who is Sanhua in Wuthering Waves?

Sanhua is a loyal guard for Jinzhou’s Magistrate, known for her icy personality. She was once considered the Asura of Calamity, but she lives her life now as a taciturn guardian. While she was born blind, she got the power to perceive the world in a strange way after the Wavehorn Phenomenon.

She describes her ability as both a blessing and a curse since she can see the original frequencies of all living beings. She has learned to maintain inner calm amidst the chaotic frequencies, and the things that once frightened her now fuel her determination.

How to get Sanhua in Wuthering Waves?

You can get Sanhua as a reward in Wuthering Waves. If you manage to log in daily for five days, you’ll be able to claim her and use her powers for your team.

Wuthering Waves Sanhua Attribute & weapon

Sanhua is a Glacio Mutant Resonator in Wuthering Waves. She is a sub-DPS unit, and her kit revolves around her Sword skills and self-buffs.

Wuthering Waves Sanhua full kit & abilities

  • Basic Attack
    • Sword Art: Perform up to 4 consecutive attacks, causing Glacio damage.
      • Heavy Attack: Consumes stamina to strike multiple times. While meeting certain conditions, Sanhua’s ice creations along the path can be detonated for extra damage.
      • Mid-air attack: Strikes down to deal AoE DMG.
      • Dodge Counter: After performing a successful dodge, using a normal attack within a certain timespan of the dodge will perform a counterattack.
  • Resonance Skill:
    • Eternal Frost
      • Sanhua leaps forward to perform a rapid slash attack while creating an Ice Prism on the field.
  • Resonance Liberation:
    • Glacial Gaze
      • Sanhua manipulates snow and slashes her sword forward for an AoE attack while creating a wall of Glaciers on the field.
  • Forte Circuit:
    • Clarity of Mind:
      • Detonate: During Heavy Attack, when the indicator moves inside the Frostbite area, Sanhua charges toward the target to perform a Detonate, dealing Glacio damage equal to one Heavy Attack.
      • Ice Burst: Sanhua’s Heavy Attack detonates all Ice Thorns, Ice Prisms and Glaciers along the way, dealing Glacio damage equal to one Resonance Skill.
    •  Resonance Skill: Boom Boom
      • Chixia deals Fusion DMG, considered as Resonance Skill damage.
  • Intro Skill 
    • Ice Condensation: Sanhua stabs forward and creates 1 Ice Thorn, dealing Glacio damage.
  • Outro Skill 
    • Snowfall: Increases damage for Basic Attack by 38%. This lasts over 14s until the Resonator is switched out.
  • Inherent Skill (Passive): 
    • Ice condensation: Sanhua has increased damage for Resonance Skill by 20% over 8s following her Intro Skill.
    • Snowfall: Sanhua has increased damage for Ice Burst by 20% over 8s after releasing Basic Attack V.
  • Resonance Chain
    • S1: After Sanhua casts Basic Attack V, increases her Crit. Rate by 15%, lasting for 10s.
    • S2: Reduces the Stamina consumed by Heavy Attack Explosion by 10 points. After Sanhua casts Resonance Skill, increases her resistance to interruption for 5s.
    • S3: Increased the damage dealt by Resonance Skill Perpetual Frost by 35% to targets with HP less than 70%.
    • S4: When Sanhua casts Resonance Liberation Scorched Tundra, restores Resonance Energy by 10. Increases Burst DMG for the next Heavy Attack within 5s by 120%.
    • S5: Increases the Crit. DMG of Brust by 100%. If it doesn’t explode, all ice creations will explode when disappearing.
    • S6: After Ice Prism or Glacier explodes, increases all party members’ ATK by 10%, lasting for 20s, stacking up to 2 times.

We’ll keep you updated as more information about Sanhua is revealed in Wuthering Waves. In the meantime, you can check if Chixa or Aalto could work in your team setup, or what other free characters will be available during the game’s first update.

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