How to fast travel in Stellar Blade: Waypoints explained

Souhardya Choudhury
Eve in Stellar Blade

Fast traveling in Stellar Blade is one of the most important features, as it massively helps you during both exploration and missions. So here’s how to fast-travel in Stellar Blade.

Despite Stellar Blade not being an open-world title it features a decent amount of exploration, and fast traveling is always a great tool to speed things up. However, there are certain limitations to this option as you cannot just randomly travel at any point on your map, even in NG+.

On that note, here’s how to fast-travel in Stellar Blade.

Stellar Blade: How to fast travel

To fast travel in Stellar Blade, simply interact with a Waypoint and choose another desired Waypoint to travel to from the map. Once you confirm your choice, you will be teleported to that particular telephone booth in the game.

Stellar Blade Waypoints explained

Stellar Blade features a pretty popular RPG mechanic known as Waypoints that you will have to discover and use for fast traveling. If you have played The Witcher 3, these will be second nature to you.

Waypoints in Stellar Blade look like telephone booths with the word ‘Phone’ written on top of them. Once you discover a Waypoint, it will start appearing on your map, making that particular point available for fast travel.

As we found during the demo, Waypoints unlock automatically when you pass by one in the game and do not require you to go out of your way to unlock them manually. Additionally, fast traveling does not require any particular currency in Stellar Blade so do not hesitate to use this mechanic whenever you want.

This was everything we know about fast traveling in Stellar Blade currently. We will make sure to update this page if there’s any new information on fast-traveling once the game releases worldwide on April 26.

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