How to heal in Stellar Blade

Aryan Singh
EVE in Stellar Blade

There are multiple ways to heal EVE in Stellar Blade and replenish her health, so here’s how to heal in the game.

Stellar Blade‘s action-packed free demo gives players a taste of various gameplay elements including exploration, boss fights, combat, and also healing mechanics. Players can replenish EVE’s health using different methods, both in and out of combat.

Managing her health gauge is essential as you never know what tricky enemy you’ll encounter next. With this in mind, here’s how to heal in Stellar Blade.

Stellar Blade: How to heal EVE

Here’s a look at all the different ways you can heal in Stellar Blade:

  • Resting at camps: You can replenish your health fully by resting at camps scattered throughout the game’s semi-open world sections. Camps function similarly to Sites of Grace in Elden Ring, and you can also upgrade your skills at these locations.
  • Potions: You’ll get 3 Potions that you can chug down during combat to replenish a portion of your health. You can restore all your Potions by resting at a camp.
  • Buying Potions: You can buy additional Potions using the vending machine at a camp, including the Highly Concentrated Potion which restores health fully, or the Lingering Potion which restores half of the health bar.

While we’ll have to wait for the game’s full release for confirmation, you’ll likely be able to increase the amount of Potions you can carry.

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