Stellar Blade difficulty settings explained: All options & how to change

Souhardya Choudhury
Eve in Stellar Blade

Stellar Balde’s fast-paced combat has attracted a lot of attention, but some players may feel a bit overwhelmed during combat and find it difficult. Thankfully, the game provides a difficulty setting for adjustments, so here’s everything to know about it.

Stellar Blade might not be the easiest action RPG out there as its combat has been one of its biggest selling points during the demo period. However, players can change the difficulty at any time during their playthrough and adjust it according to their liking.

Here’s everything you need to know about Stellar’s Blade‘s difficulty settings.

What are Stellar Blade’s difficulty settings?

The Stellar Blade demo has two difficulty options — Story and Normal mode, which basically reflect easy and medium difficulties. When you launch the demo for the first time, you will be set to Story mode by default.

Stellar Blade Story difficulty explained

The Story difficulty in Stellar Blade is the easy mode, so the enemies would relatively be weak, especially in the early stages of the demo. Once you start traveling through the world as Eve, you will also notice that parry timings are much more forgiving in this difficulty as well.

If you are new to combat titles or just want to have some fun with the story, the Story mode might just be the perfect difficulty for you. However, if you are experienced in fast-paced melee combat titles, you can even turn the difficulty up to Normal Mode and head in for a challenge in Stellar Blade.

Stellar Blade Normal difficulty explained

Stellar Balde’s Normal difficulty is for the ones who want a bit of a challenge during the demo. If you love the combat in franchises like Devil May Cry or Final Fantasy, the Normal mode is definitely recommended.

Not only defeating the enemies would be somewhat challenging now but also the parry window tightens significantly. There’s a significant jump in difficulty when you go from Story to Normal mode keep that in mind before changing difficulties in Stellar Blade.

How to change Stellar’s Blade difficulty?

To change Stellar Blade’s difficulty mid-game, you can simply head to the Settings in the pause menu, and select your preferred mode in the Difficulty option. As the game allows you to change the difficulty mid-game, you can experiment with both modes and find the most suitable option for yourself.

That was everything you had to know about Stellar Blade’s difficulty settings in the demo. We will make sure to update this piece if the devs introduce further difficulties after the title’s official release on April 26, 2024.

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