Best Brawl Stars Doug build: Star Power, Gadget, more

Amitesh Dhar
Doug in Brawl Stars

Doug is a Mythic Brawler in Brawl Stars and has the ability to damage his opponents and heal his allies, so here are the Gears and Gadget you need to use for the best Doug build.

In Brawl Stars, a Support Brawler like Doug can always be beneficial to your party. While Doug can deal a moderate amount of damage, he can heal his allies as well.

Doug deals damage by jumping onto his enemies, so you don’t need to aim at an enemy in order to attack them. He’s one of the few Brawlers that can attack enemies hiding behind walls.

So, here’s a quick rundown of the best Doug build in Brawl Stars.

Best Brawl Stars Doug build overview

Here’s the best Doug build that you should be using in Brawl Stars:

  • Gadget: Extra Mustard (The next attack does not heal allies, but deals double damage to enemies. )
  • Gear 1: Gadget Charge (Gain an additional Gadget charge.)
  • Gear 2: Damage (Gain 15% damage boost when below 50% health.)
  • Star Power: Self Service (Doug’s primary attack heals him for 20% of the maximum damage he deals to his enemies.)

Best Doug Gadget in Brawl Stars

Extra Mustard is the best Gadget for Doug in Brawl Stars. Although he’s a support hero, there’s always a possibility that allies won’t be near you all the time.

So, instead of trying to focus on your allies, it’s better if you focus on eliminating your enemies. With this Gadget, you will deal double damage to your enemies with your primary attack, but it won’t heal your allies.

Best Doug Gears in Brawl Stars

The best Gears for the Doug build in Brawl Stars are:

  • Extra Gadgets
  • Damage

With Extra Gadgets, your Extra Mustard Gear will have one additional charge per match, raising the total number of Gadget charges to four.

The Damage Gear will cause your primary attack to deal an additional 15% damage if you’re below 50% health in Brawl Stars.

Best Doug Star Power in Brawl Stars

The best Star Power for Doug in Brawl Stars is Self Service. With this Star Power, whenever Doug uses his primary attack, he heals himself for 20% of the maximum damage that he inflicts on his enemies.

In the event that his primary attack does not hit a target in Brawl Stars, he’ll still receive the 20% healing.

How to unlock Doug in Brawl Stars

To unlock Doug in Brawl Stars, you will have to purchase him from Starr Road. Purchasing Doug will cost you 1900 Credits or 349 Gems.

That sums up everything that you need to know for the best Doug build in Brawl Stars. For more information about similar games, be sure to check out:

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