Roblox Fire Force Online clans tier list: Best clans

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Your progress in Roblox’s Fire Force Online is tied to your ability to join powerful clans as they directly impact your abilities. If you’re yet to make a decision, check out the best clans in this Roblox Fire Force Online tier list.

Roblox players can try out a wide range of action-packed adventures like Fruit Battlegrounds and Super Evolution. However, for fans of anime, Fire Force Online can be a delightful experience because it is based on a prominent series and has exciting combat.

Clans are important in Fire Force Online because of the passive abilities they offer. To excel in combat, you must choose the right Clan, know how to make the most of your abilities, and boast superior skills and reflexes than your opponents.

Thanks to the abundance of Clans in Fire Force Online, choosing the clan that benefits you the most can be tricky. This Fire Force Online tier list will help you make the right pick by revealing the best Clans in the game.

A character using their ability in Roblox Fire Force Online.Fire Force: Online
Roblox Fire Force Online has 16 clans for players to choose from.

Roblox Fire Force Online tier list

In the table below, we’ve placed the clans in Fire Force Online in tiers ranging from S to B. Clans in the S tier are the strongest while the ones in the B tier are the weakest.

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SŌbi, Dragon, Kusakabe, Shinmon, Burns, Boyle
AMontgomery, Sagamiya, Kakage, Kotatsu, DFresh, Oze, Son, Oji
BCommon Clans

Best Roblox Fire Force Online clans (S Tier)


Obi is easily the best clan in Fire Force Online. It has the most amazing passive ability in the game and lets you stay in PoD and Steeled modes for an extra minute, making it a total of three minutes.

And the best part is, it doesn’t affect your cooldown times at all. So, you can enjoy being in these super powerful states for a long time without any drawbacks. You will be practically invincible with Obi.


The Dragon clan is the best option for enhancing your M1 and M2 attacks. These moves become powerful strikes that can easily dominate both PvE and PvP battles.

However, Obi might have a slight edge over the Dragon clan in terms of strength. Both clans deserve to be in the S-tier for their high damage output.


With Kusakabe, you can get more Grace and XP from different modes, including PvP. Extra XP is always a good thing, but there is a catch.

The game is still in development, and there is no clear way to get Grace points. You might have to wait for the developers to add all the features, including Grace. If that happens, Kusakabe will be at the very top of the list.

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A character using their fire ability in Roblox Fire Force Online.Fire Force: Online
Roblox Fire Force Online has over 12 million visits on the platform.


Shinmon is the go-to clan if your strategy is defending, evading, and counterattacking players in Fire Force Online. You can dodge more easily and deal more damage when you counter with this clan.

This clan suits Assassin players, who want to avoid enemy attacks and strike back with force.


Burns is a great clan that has only positive effects on your character. It helps you avoid overheating too fast, which is a common problem in the game. It also boosts your stamina regeneration, which is very handy for PvP mode and thus, is a solid choice for any player who wants to have an edge in combat.

However, Burns is not the best clan in our Fire Force Online tier list. It can improve your performance, but it won’t make you invincible. You still need to use your skills and strategies to win the game.


Boyle, just like Burns, is a good clan that increases your stamina regeneration which is useful in combat. However, Boyle has an extra advantage over Burns: it gives you more XP for your actions. This makes Boyle a better clan for leveling up and unlocking new skills.

So, depending on your preference, you can choose Burns for PvP mode or Boyle for PvE mode. Both clans are similar in their performance!

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