Best Brawl Stars Colette build: Gadget, Gears, more

Amitesh Dhar
Colette Brawl Stars

With the right build, Colette is a formidable Brawler in Brawl Stars that can easily go up against tanks. So here are all the items that you need to create the best Colette build in the game.

In Brawl Stars, Colette is a Brawler that is very useful against tanks, primarily because of the nature of her attack.

The higher the health that her enemy has, the more damage the take from Colette‘s attack, and this is what makes her efficient against enemies with a larger health pool.

So here’s a build that will help you dominate the battle field with Colette in Brawl Stars.

Best Brawl Stars Colette build overview

  • Gadget: Na-ah (Colette’s next shot deals extra 1500 damage to all enemies.)
  • Gear 1: Gadget Charges ( Gain an extra Gadget charge in Brawl Stars.)
  • Gear 2: Damage ( Deal 15% extra damage whenever your health drops to 50% or below.)
  • Star Power: Push It ( Enemies hit by her Super get pushed back to the farthest point of the attack.)
  • Hypercharge: Teen Spirit ( Colette’s spirit dashes along with her, damaging enemies on the way.)

Best Colette Gadget in Brawl Stars

When it comes to Colette’s Gadgets in Brawl Stars, you should always go for Na-ah. Whenever you use this Gadget, you will deal an extra 1500 damage to your enemies with your primary attack.

This comes in handy especially when you’re dealing with enemies with a large health pool. Whenever Colette hits an enemy with her primary attack, they’re damaged for 37% of their current HP.

If you combine that with this Gadget, then you can either finish the enemy off instantly, or create an opening for other Brawlers on your team to bag the kill.

Best Colette Gears in Brawl Stars

The best Gears for a Colette build in Brawl Stars are:

  • Gadget Charges
  • Damage

With Gadget Charges you will gain an extra charge for your Gadget, while the Damage Gear will allow you to deal an extra 15% damage whenever your health at 50% or lower.

Both these Gears combined make Colette a force to be reckoned with on the battle field.

Best Colette Star Power in Brawl Stars

For Colette’s Star Power, it’s best that you go with Push It. Whenever you use your Super with this Star Power, any enemy that you strike with your Super gets pushed to the farthest end of the attack.

This prevents their shots from damaging you, and the enemy that gets pushed to the farthest gets hit twice.

How to unlock Colette in Brawl Stars

To unlock Colette, you need to purchase her from the Starr Road store. You need to spend 925 Credits or 169 Gems. However, you will still have to level her up if you want to use the Gears and Gadgets mentioned above for the best Colette build in Brawl Stars.

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