Brawlhalla tier list: Best Legends ranked in 2023

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Brawlhalla is one of the most popular combat games over the last few years not only because it is free-to-play but also because of its exciting gameplay and variety of characters. If you want to progress faster in Ranked modes, here’s a Brawlhalla tier list including Legends such as Teros, Thea, and others.

In Brawlhalla, players need to practice and eventually master their skills if they want to reach the top ranks. However, given the sheer number of characters the game has, it can be difficult for players to choose who they want to start with.

Instead of trying to pick and learn the moves for every Legend, a more innovative strategy is to find a few that you like as per your play style, and practice their combos until you master them.

On that note, here’s a Brawlhalla Legends tier list that ranks all the best fighters in the game.

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Brawlhalla features cosmetic skins for your characters.

Best Legends in Brawlhalla

The list below will assign a tier to every Legend in Brawlhalla with S being the highest and D being the lowest.

SThea*Battle Boots, Rocket Lance
SLoki*Katars, Scythe
SRed Raptor*Battle Boots, Orb
SEzio*Sword, Orb
SLukeBlasters, Gauntlets
STezcaBattle Boots, Gauntlets
SKenGauntlets, Orb
SLord VraxxRocket Lance, Blasters
SScarletHammer, Rocket Lance
STerosAxe, Hammer
SKojiBow, Sword
SThorHammer, Orb
SPetraGauntlets, Orb
SJaeyunGreat Sword, Sword
SMaster ChiefSPNKr Rocket Launcher, Magnum Pistols
SArbiterFuel Rod Cannon, Energy Sword
SMakoGreat Sword, Katars
SMagyarGreat Sword, Hammer
SArcadiaSpear, Greatsword
SDaimioScythe, Gauntlets
SThe RockHammer, Katars
SRaphaelKatars, Axe
SChun LiGauntlets, Spear
SSnake EyesSword, Blasters
ABodvarHammer, Sword
ANina WilliamsDraggers, Blasters
ADevil JinGauntlets, Bows
AYoshumitsuBlade, Scythe
ASentinelHammer, Katars
ABarrazaAxe, Blasters
AAzothBow, Axe
AKorGauntlets, Hammer
AWu ShangGauntlets, Spear
ACrossBlasters, Gauntlets
AZarielGauntlets, Bow
AOnyxGauntlets, Cannon
AKing KnightRocket Lance, Sword
APlague KnightGauntlets, Katars
AEnchantressScythe, Orb
AFinnAxe, Sword
AJakeGauntlets, Hammer
AJohn CenaSword, Spear
ABecky LynchHammer, Spear
AThe UndertakerHammer, Orb
AAmethystCannon, Axe
APearlSpear, Bow
ADarylBow, Katars
ARickAxe, Blasters
AMichelangeloGauntlets, Sword
ALeonardoSword, Scythe
ARyuGauntlets, Orb
AAkumaGauntlets, Sword
ADhalsimGauntlets, Axe
AStorm ShadowBow, Sword
BCassidyBlasters, Hammer
BOrionRocket Lance, Spear
BXullAxe, Cannon
BGnashHammer, Spear
BThatchSword, Blasters
BAdaBlasters, Spear
BEmberBow, Katars
BDianaBlasters, Bow
BValGauntlets, Sword
BRagnirKatars, Axe
BArtemisScythe, Rocket Lance
BCaspianKatars, Gauntlets
BSidraCannon, Sword
BKayaSpear, Bow
BRaymanAxe, Gauntlets
BVectorRocket Lance, Bow
BRenoBlasters, Orb
BMuninBow, Scythe
BShovel KnightHammer, Spear
BXavier WoodsHammer, Sword
BAsukaSpear, Katars
BRoman ReignsAxe, Hammer
BStevonnieGauntlets, Sword
BGarnetGauntlets, Orb
BLara CroftBow, Blasters
BHeatblastBlasters, Spear
BMichonneBow, Sword
BNeganSword, Greatsword
BMaggieAxe, Sword
BPoGauntlets, Spear
BTigressKatars, Sword
BDonatelloScythe, Spear
BM. BisonHammer, Orb
BSakuraKatars, Cannon
CQueen NaiSpear, Katars
CHattoriSword, Spear
CSir RolandRocket Lance, Sword
CLucienKatars, Blasters
CBrynnAxe, Spear
CAsuriKatars, Sword
CUlgrimAxe, Rocket Lance
CJhalaSword, Axe
CMirageScythe, Spear
CNixScythe, Blasters
CMordexScythe, Gauntlets
CYumikoHammer, Bow
CIsaiahCannon, Blaster
CJiroSword, Scythe
CLin FeiKatars, Cannon
CDuskSpear, Orb
CFaitScythe, Orb
CVolkovScythe, Axe
CBlack KnightRocket Lance, Spear
CSpecter KnightScythe, Blasters
CGloboxBlasters, Hammer
CBarbaraAxe, Spear
CHellboyBlasters, Gauntlets
CNimueSpear, Orb
CGruagachAxe, Hammer
CPrincess BubblegumRocket Lance, Blasters
CMacho ManAxe, Rocket Lance
CDiamondheadGauntlets, Katars
CFour ArmsGauntlets, Hammer
CTai LungScythe, Gauntlets

The Legends in tiers S and A like Thea, Luke, and Bodvar can make things easier for you in Brawlhalla. Once you learn all their skills, you can surely reach the highest ranks of the game like Diamond, and flex your amazing stats in front of friends.

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The Legends in tiers B and upper C are good situationally, and you’ll definitely need to invest more time and practice to get good results with them.

Lastly, we do not recommend using the Brawlhalla Legends placed lower in the C tier because they are completely out of the meta. Long story short, using them is not worth it.

And with that, we wrap up our Brawlhalla Legends tier list. For similar content, check out:

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