Best Brawl Stars Leon build: Star Power, Gadget, more

Amitesh Dhar
Leon Brawl Stars

When it comes to movement speed in Brawl Stars, Leon is one of the quickest Brawlers, so here are the best Gears and Gadgets that you can use for his best build in the game.

Leon is a unique Brawler in Brawl Stars as he’s the only one who can go invisible through one of his abilities.

Although he’s got a decent amount of health, he’s capable of dealing massive damage, making him one of the deadliest Brawlers in the game.

So, here’s a rundown of all the Gears and Gadgets that you need to use for the best Leon build in Brawl Stars.

Best Brawl Stars Leon build overview

Here’s the best build overview for Leon in Brawl Stars:

  • Gadget: Clone Projector ( Leon creates a clone of himself, confusing his enemies. )
  • Gear 1: Gadget Charge ( All your gears get an additional charge during each match. )
  • Gear 2: Damage ( Gain 15% damage boost when below 50% health.)
  • Star Power: Smoke Trail ( When using his Super, Leon gains a 30% movement speed bonus as long as he’s invisible. )
  • Hypercharge: Limbo ( Leon remains invisible while attacking his enemies. )

Best Leon Gadget in Brawl Stars

When it comes to Leon, the best Gadget that you should use is the Clone Projector. When used, it’ll create a clone of Leon that can be used to confuse enemies on the battlefield.

If used properly, then you can easily set up an ambush using Leon’s clone in Brawl Stars.

Leon Brawl Stars werewolf skin
Leon has a werewolf skin that you can purchase after you unlock him.

Best Leon Gears in Brawl Stars

The best Gears for Leon in Brawl Stars are:

  • Gadget Charge
  • Damage

Gadget Charge will give all your Gadgets one additional charge in Brawl Stars, meaning you’ll be able to use your Clone Projector four times in total.

With the Damage Gear, you’ll deal 15% additional damage to enemies whenever your health drops below 50% of your health.

Best Leon Star Power in Brawl Stars

For the best Leon build in Brawl Stars, you need to go with the Smoke Trail Star Power. With this Star Power, when you use your Super and are invisible, you’ll get an additional 30% movement speed.

This will allow you to zip through the battlefield and set up ambushes, especially when you combine it with your Clone Projector Gadget.

How to unlock Leon in Brawl Stars

To unlock Leon in Brawl Stars, you need to spend 1900 Credits or 699 Gems in the Starr Road in-game store.

That sums up everything that you need to know about the best Leon in Brawl Stars! For similar content, be sure to check out the following stories:

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