Roblox Anime Dimensions Simulator tier list: Best characters

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Anime Dimensions Simulator on Roblox allows players to explore anime-inspired worlds and unlock the most iconic characters from many series. If you’re overwhelmed by the abundance of options, check out this Anime Dimensions Simulator tier list featuring the best characters in the game.

Anime fans will be delighted to know that Roblox is filled with exciting anime titles like Blox Fruits, Anime Fighters Simulator, Kaizen, and many more. Anime Dimensions Simulator is another notable name among these games as it is known for its brilliant open world and diverse roster of characters.

Although the game lets you pick characters from some of the most prominent anime series, they might not be the most effective in battle. To make sure you have an edge over your opponents, we’ve compiled an Anime Dimensions Simulator tier list featuring the best characters in the game.

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Anime Dimensions Simulator features heroes as well as villains from various popular anime series.

Anime Dimensions Simulator character tier list

We’ve ranked all of the Roblox Anime Dimensions Simulator characters into S, A, B, C, D, E, and F Tiers, with S being the highest and F being the lowest:

SKodotoki, Demon Girl (New Year), Toro, Nardo (Six Paths), Esper, Ryuka, Combat Titan, Cursed Sage, Dio, Eyzen (Void), Fluffy (Gear 5), Fluffy (Vampire King), Hirito, Ice Queen Esdeaf, Infinite Nojo, Nilin (Valentine), Priestess (Shrine), Rivai, Shadow Monarch, Tanjiro Sun God, Tengu, Tengoku, Tobushiko
AAlis, Alturia, Alturia Alter, Beast King, Best Boy (Summer), Bowman, Broccoli, Chainsaw, Deku Hundred, Demon Lord Ramura, Ichini (Final), King of Heroes, Madoka, Makima, Meguretsu, Mochi Boy, Mochi Boy (Summer), Nardo (Beast), Nardo (Beast), Obito, Priestess, Primordial, Ramura, Red Emperor, Roku (Ultra Instinct), Shadow Ramura, Takamuri, Takamuri (Summer), Toro (Summer), Witch Meguretsu, Yor, Zetsu
BAkuma, Asana, BiriBiri, Cyborg, Eugebro, Ichini (Fullbring), Kaido, Lance Guy, Nojo, Onihime, Tall Might, Tonjuro, Vampire Mika, Winter Spirit Lia, Yamato, Yomiichi
CBakubro, Cherry, Christmas Alter, Itabori, King of Curses, Pasta, Ray, Rokia, Shield Man, Susky, Yakaza
DHatsu, Reku
EFluffy, Kirua, Nardo, Roku

It’s worth noting that the real anime characters’ names differ somewhat in the game.

S Tier characters in Roblox Anime Dimensions Simulator

Kodotoki in Anime DimensionsAlbatross Games
Kodotoki costs 1600 gems to purchase from the shop.

Here are some of the S Tier characters of Roblox Anime Dimensions Simulator:

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  • Kodotoki – One of the most powerful characters in the game. Kodotoki can deal the most damage with its most powerful abilities such as Fire Fist and Fire Wall.
  • Demon Girl (New Year) – Inspired by Nezuko of Demon Slayer, Demon Girl is a limited character and one of the best main as well as assisting characters.
  • Toro – A great balanced character with multiple ranged attacks and an extended invincibility bonus from his ultimate.
  • Nardo (Six Paths) – This character takes directly after Naruto’s Six Path Sage mode and has an excellent area of effect (AoE), DPS, and overall damage, making him a fantastic help character.
  • Esper – Esper deals the highest DPS in the game and has fewer cooldowns.
  • Ryuka – A great assist that works in every situation imaginable.

These S Tier characters in Anime Dimensions Simulator will certainly win you most if not all games. This is not to say that the characters in lower tiers are bad. In fact, some of them can act as better assists or decoys and can be incredibly useful if you are just starting out.

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